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Most communities don’t want to admit that there is a heroin problem in the community.  The Denver Post is tackling it head on!

She says her name is Angel.   And she is no stranger to drug use.  She used marijuana at 12, cocaine at 14, and at 15 her mother introduced her to crack.

Then she started with the pills, and that opiate addiction bloomed into a heroin problem.

And while being a complete teen junkie, she was maintaining a 3.7 GPA at her Wisconsin High School.

But after high school she fell into that trap that Teensavers warns parents about. Once the supply of free pills goes away, the price of an opiate is too much to bear. Instead of paying $80 for a percocet or oxycontin, she can buy 7 bags of heroin for that price, and she can keep the high going for hours upon hours.

We encourage you to take a look at this work done by Denver Post reporter Michael Booth. And we hope the readers consider the fact that this could happen to their teen.

Yes she had a massive presence of drugs in the home with her parents, but in the end, it was someone she knew and trusted that supplied her.

Many teen addicts will tell you that they tried drugs for the first time with a best friend or loved one.

Strangers in the alley aren’t the people hooking our kids on drugs. Chances are, if you’re loved one is doing drugs, you have at least one photo of that loved one with the person that introduced them to narcotics.


The warnings have been here for years.   More and more children are turning to prescriptions to get high.  Many think it’s only a pill here and pill there.   But one family is sharing it’s grief in this report by News 3 in Wisconsin.

Hear their story here:

A user’s pain is an entire family’s pain.   If you are using drugs, get help.   For more information go to Myteensavers.com