This is one of those stories that makes the people at Teensavers so mad.   How could it not?

Police in Reno say a couple is facing charges after their toddler accidentally ingested heroin.

The baby was hospitalized last week, and now both parents face child abuse charges.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Vizina told investigators she and Robinson smoked heroin Saturday night before she went to work at an escort service, and that the child ingested the heroin while Robinson was responsible for the child.

Robinson apparently left the child unattended for a brief time in the living room.

You can read more about this shocking story at the Reno Gazette by clicking HERE.
Drugs should not be in the same home as children, regardless if they are 18 years old or 18 months old.

Parents need to maintain a drug free environment for their children.  It’s not an option.  It’s a responsibility.