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There are plenty of examples of adolescents talking about  drug use on the internet.

Parents just need to look for it.

Case in point:

This is a question from Yahoo Answers.

Is the person asking this question really 11 years old?

Since it’s anonymous, there’s probably a good chance that this poster is not lying about their age?

But parents we talk with have a hard time considering that their pre-teens could be using at such young ages.

“We see children of all ages using illicit drugs. There’s no magical age number when kids start trying. We see kids starting to use at younger ages, and they are showing a willingness to to expand their drug use from alcohol and marijuana,” says America‘s Parenting Coach Tim Chapman.

Most parents would guess that they wouldn’t have to worry about alcohol and drugs with their kids until those kids are 16 or 17.

But SAMHSA studies show that on average, 6,000 kids try drugs for the first time every day. Some of those are as young as 8-years-old.

Twitter is another popular place where kids speak openly about drugs.

Chapman says parents should monitor their kids’ online activity to see the warning signs. “They put it out there, because they think nobody is paying attention. But you can learn a lot from not only knowing your child’s activities, but their friends’ activity online as well.”

Teensavers home drug test kits are a weapon that parents can use to not only detect adolescent drug use, but deter it.

Chapman says most parents aren’t even aware that lab accurate home drug testing exists.

“Parents will ask me, “should I test my teen?” and I tell them absolutely”

For information on Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits, click HERE.

Twitter can provide a lot of information, and there may be something from Arkansas right now.

Numerous tweets alluded to an apparent mass overdose and drug bust at an Arkansas High School. The students took to twitter to discuss the happenings, and many believed that pills were the cause of the drama.

We will have more details as they surface. This apparently in or near the community of Batesville.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has been around a drug abuser.

Nobody chooses to use heroin. They are compelled to do it. Their bodies ache for it. Their need for opiates will shut down without it.

But if you give in, you could end up dead.

If you’re lucky, you end up in jail.

A story this morning out of Louisville, details how one man’s playful experimenting with pills in high school, evolved into a habit that almost killed him.

And he only realized he was lucky to be alive, when he was sitting behind bars in a jail cell.

This is the story of Wes Oetinger from the courier-journal.

Teen drinking isn’t funny. More teens than ever before are becoming binge drinkers.

Here’s a photo making the rounds today and receiving quite a bit of fanfare. It pictures a teen holding a photo with the words “Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor. I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should and should not post.”

Salute these parents for correcting this teen’s behaviors. Parents should be checking out their children’s social media. Facebook and Twitter aren’t just popular for tech junkies and stay at home moms. Remember, numerous kids in elementary and middle school are using social media to swap photos and interact. There’s a reason why Instagram was just swooped up for a hefty price tag.

One any of these given sites you can look up and see plenty of references about drug use. Kids boast about drinking, parties, drugs, and sneaking everything by their parents.

If they are silly enough to make these mistakes, boasting about doing illegal activites, what else might they try?

Try to keep and eye on the things your teen not only says and does, but posts!

Sadly, it comes as no surprise hearing the news over the weekend of
Amy Winehouse’s death.   Her mother had predicted it.   Her father
resigned to the fact that she was slowly killing herself.   Regardless
of her actual cause of death (at the latest hour no drugs were found
inside the home), Winehouse punished her body with toxicity.

what to write today, since I didn’t want to be an immediate basher of
the recently departed, I couldn’t really top an article I had read.
Chris Willman posed the question, “Could Amy Winehouse have been saved?”

When a user will not listen to parents, siblings, the love of their life, a mentor, or strangers who will they listen to?

of rehashing what’s been said all over the globe, I offer you a good
read about the sometimes helplessness in fighting an addict.




    There is a lot of hate and vitriol aimed at Roger Ebert in the wake of his tweet, “Friends don’t let jackasses drive drunk.”     But is it called for?    We obviously won’t have toxicology reports back on Ryan Dunn’s body for a few weeks.   But Ebert made the leap from a facebook photo to a fiery crash.   Is it wrong?     The famed film critic certainly could not know for certain whether or not Dunn, one of the actors from the Jackass show and movies, was legally intoxicated.  

    He was going by this photo that circulated the internet.  


Now there were reports that Dunn had consumed three beers and three shots sometime around when this photo was taken.    That total could have been over 8 hours, or in 20 minutes.   We won’t know.   Ebert, clearly was assuming that Dunn, who was behind the wheel of the fiery crash, was above the legal limit to drive.    Facebook fans revolted on Roger, and people took to Twitter to attack the acclaimed critic.    Perez Hilton even lashed out at Ebert saying that the comments were too early.     If Dunn was drunk, when is it OK to be critical?    He’s still dead today, and will be tomorrow, the day after, next month, and next year.      Had a suspected drunk driver slammed into Dunn, nobody would be condemning Ebert for making the comments. 

Dunn didn’t just kill himself, he took the life of a passenger.    Zachary Hartwell, seen in the right of the above photo, was also killed.    Authorities believe that Dunn was going 100 MPH when he hit the guard rail and launched into a tree.   

Ebert’s comments may not have just been pointing a finger, he may also be reminding people of lives lost too earl because of drunk driving.    Again, we won’t know what Dunn’s BAC level was for a few weeks.     Ebert may be the messenger that’s being targeted.   If Dunn was drunk at the time of the crash, he’s the one who clearly sent the message





If you haven’t heard about it, Dossy has come up with quite an incredible application.


It’s called Twitter Karma.   It allows to see who has unfollowed you, and it enables you to quickly see the disparity in who you follow, and who follows you.