We know there are many questions parents have when it comes to home drug tests.

How do they work?

Are they reliable?

What drugs do they test for?

There is a comprehensive website, with written parental guidance from America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman.    He helps parents with how they can calmly address their kids about the drug test, without a fight, or accusations.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit is the work of long time treatment professional Steve Stahovich, a former teen drug addict, who turned his life around and began treating patients around the world.   The Teensavers cup provides the best combination of drug screens based on what parents asked him for.   Unlike 90% of the products sold online, the Teensavers Cup is made in the USA, and is approved for sales to families.    Believe it or not, many of these companies prey on distraught parents using tests that are forensic use only.    The either sell families cups, made for businesses only, or they sell you cups made in China.   Those cups are worthless.

Myteensavers is your source for drug testing information.     If you are looking for a drug cup, buy the brand that is made for families by a family company.

Click on this picture to get information on popular drugs used by teens, how you can detect it, and how you can get your teen help.