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Students aren’t afraid to talk about their choices to use alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Nearly 7% of high schoolers abuse one of the three substances during the school day, according to Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Their peers aren’t surprise. 86% of teens polled in a phone interview said they know a classmate that’s abusing drugs during the day.

The findings were released in the center’s annual back to school survey.


Nearly half the students say they know someone who deals drugs at school, and 6 out of 10 say that drugs are easy to obtain on campus.

The top four drugs commonly abused according to the survey were marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, and ecstasy.


Peer Pressure is a big factor.

The survey indicates that more teens are seeing imagery, thanks to social media, that entices them to drink. The teens say they are encouraged to party after seeing photos and videos of classmates drinking, high, or passed out.

This is a reason why parents need to be as involved in their child’s social media, as their child is. Kids do not fear posting comments about alcohol or marijuana on facebook or twitter.

It’s everywhere.

And parents who think this problem is pervasive in the public school system better open their eyes.

The survey indicates that private schools also have a massive drug problem, and it is rising dramatically.

In 2011, 36% of private school students said their school was “drug-infected.”

Fast forward a year, and that figure is now 54%, a 50-percent gain year to year.

Teen drug use appears to be a very obvious case of monkey see, monkey do.

Teens are more likely to use drugs when their parents either use, or are laid back regarding drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

Teens who say they’ve been left alone overnight – almost 30% of those surveyed – are about twice as likely to have used alcohol or marijuana and almost three times more likely to have tried tobacco than teens who’ve never been left alone at night.

If there ever was a time for parents to get more involved with their teens, now is that time.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing.

They also have access to tools like the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit that can help detect this drug use.

Catching it early, can make the difference between teens who experiment, and teens who become addicts.

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There is a belief by some that family dinners can help prevent teens from turning to drugs or delinquent behavior.  But Time Magazine disgarees.  The news magazine reports that the facts don’t back up those claims.


Drug abuse and addiction can afflict any family, no matter how rich, social conscious, religious, or morally balanced a family is. Drug abuse does not discriminate against by gender, race, or how much you have in your bank account.

Talk to treatment experts and they will tell you that the best way for parents to keep their kids drug free is to form a trusting and open relationship with them. They also recommend taking an active role in their lives, being involved in their activities, and asking questions.

Family dinners may fall into that category of forming relationships and being involved in activities, like asking how the school day was, asking about peers, or sharing something that went on at work.

Sometimes those dinner conversations need to include the topic of drugs. Parents should be open with their kids about what is happening in the community, and who was arrested for drugs. It will lead to the children being more open about who does drugs in school.

The best thing you can do is be your child’s confidante or sounding board. When they start telling you that they heard Billy or Katie are pot smokers, you’ll remember. Two years down the road, if your child is friends with Billy or Katie, you now know what kind of company your child keeps. It will give you the opportunity to say “you know, a couple of years ago you told me that he/she was doing drugs.”

With people so emerged in reading about who got a new car, who is painting their home, and who had an expensive trip to the vet on Facebook, they forget that they used to find this information out by forming close relationships with people.

Parents should be their kids’ Facebook page. Their brains, like the clouds that store all that mostly useless information online.

No parent should have the response “who are they?” when their children tell them that they are going out with them for the evening, or having sleepovers.

Parents should know their children’s friend’s parents. Those parents should talk to make sure stories are straight. Too many kids lied to their parents about sleepovers to cover up alternative plans.

Sharing a box of Hamburger Helper alone is never going to stop a teen from doing drugs. But parents who know the meat of their child’s social lives, friends, and calendars will have a better chance of guiding them to a drug-free life.

Click HERE for Time Magazine’s story.

KRCG CBS13 in Missouri is taking on the subject of drug testing and teens.

For more on drug tests click HERE.

The article by Stephanie Backus raises the pros and cons to drug testing.   The poll has fluctuated, and it is clear that reaction of parents is very divided.

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Here is a link to the poll and discussion.  KRCGPOLL

It’s the perfect compliment to great parenting and strong communication.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit is the test you need to help keep your son or daughter on the right path.   Whether you are a mom or dad, you need to ensure your teen gets through their adolescence the right way.   Guarantee their healthy journey into adulthood by drug testing them.

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As parents, we all love technology.    The internet and all of the electronic improvements have made raising children easier.     I can coordinate my older daughter’s schedule in one blue on my Ipad, and my younger daughter’s schedule in green.   Then I can sync it with my Iphone, and then sync those with my wife’s Iphone, and ultimately have it all tied together nicely on our Macbook pro.

Is this the sleep trance, and dream dance Sting sang about in Synchronicity?    While we spend so much time being connected to keep our families running almost automatically, it seems like parents have disconnected altogether.    Is there any conversation at all?   Or is it just a series of schedules, dates, and times that we live by every day?

Is the new technology robbing us of life?   Are parents more focused on when Apple will release the Ipad2 or the Iphone5 than they are about their children’s health?     Contrary to the conventional wisdom of many naive parents, detecting drug use is not that easy.   Sure, it’s simple to spot a Jeff Spicoli stepping out a smoking hot boxed van.   But could you notice if your child had taken one of your Valium out of the medicine cabinet?

Parents will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on products to make their lives simpler with a click of a button here, and a touch of the screen there.   But how about a handful of dollars to make sure that the precious life you brought into this world grows into the fine adult.

If parents could just step back and remember life of raising children without schedules and appointments and entries into technology, they might remember, just waiting to listen for the baby to cry, or holding the baby while feeding it, or playing with the baby.     I would say that bit of extrasensory, is a lot more powerful in parent-child relationship, than having your child wired like a Tron character.

The big bad man isn’t pushing heroin and cocaine to children.   Other children are.   And oftentimes, those children buying it, are actively seeking it out.     And the real growing danger is the medicine lurking in your own home.    Most of those pills in your medicine cabinet that you can’t say very well, they all do something.   Children are willing to test them.

Put down the Ipad.    Hang up the Iphone for just a second.   Round up your unused medication, and dispose of it properly.   Contact a local hospital, or your doctor and ask about medical waste disposal.   Don’t just dump the pills in the toilet.

Most importantly, home drug test you child.   You’re spending  thousands of dollars on electronics to make your life smooth.    Spend the $40 on a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for peace of mind.    After all, what is your child’s health and future worth to you?

It should be priceless, and worth the cost of anything to see them have a healthy and drug free adolescence.