A new study from the University of Cincinnati is showing a potential connection between young stroke patients, and a history of alcohol, cigarette, and/or drug use.

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University researchers looked at over 1,000 patients. Their results appear in the journal Stroke.

Substance abuse is common in young adults experiencing a stroke,” wrote lead researcher Brett Kissela.

Many people associate strokes as a condition of the elderly but researchers now believe drug abuse or heavy drinking may put users at higher-than-average risk earlier in life.

Not only is the possibility of future strokes when a younger person has a life time of alcohol and/or drug abuse, but researchers believe they are seeing more immediate strokes with certain drug users.

In 2005, the most recent year covered, just over half of young adults who suffered a stroke were smokers at the time, and one in five used illicit drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. Thirteen percent of people had used drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of their stoke.