Everyone has their imagination of what a drug dealer looks like.

But oftentimes, the people who are filtering the drugs into the hands of children are not living the high life.

A judge Tuesday sentenced Claudia Perez-Leal to 18 years in prison for running a sophisticated cocaine operation in the Southern United States.

Her defense lawyer called her a nice lady, and said she was a loving mom.

The arrest likely surprised people in the community, as Perez-Leal had never had even a minor infraction or ticket.

She lived in a double wide trailer and was not exhibiting the signs of luxury, mostly associated with drug kingpins.

In fact when federal agents moved in and arrested the woman and her husband, she had no real assets or money to seize.

This case reminds us that drug dealers don’t have a certain look, and they blend into society like everyone else, as normal husbands or wives, and often the are attentive parents.