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A student found unresponsive at Colorado State University appears to have overdosed on heroin. According to the Rocky Mountain Collegian, authorities found black tar heroin near the body of Sean McGowan.


McGowan’s body was found in his Summit Hall residence after the holiday weekend. Authorities do not know how long he may have been dead before being discovered. Preliminary information released by authorities indicated that McGowan’s death may have been drug related. Now the Rocky Mountain Collegian is releasing additional details to support that claim.

Larimer Deputy Coroner Greg Fairman not only announced the discovery of black tar heroin, but Fairman also indicated that track marks were found on McGowan’s arms. Toxicology reports will take several weeks to confirm the early suspicions.

Kids on campus were in shock yesterday. But this is the second young death on a college campus in a matter of weeks that appears drug or alcohol related. Just a few weeks ago, a Southern California boy, Glen Parrish, 18, was found dead at UCLA. Parrish’s family members reported that the young man died after a lengthy night of alcohol and drug use.

Parents need to continue the anti-drug dialogue with their children, even after they turn 18, and head off to college. No parents want to send their child off to college, only to have them return in a coffin.

If you need to get help for a loved one, or if you want to know if your child has been using drugs, Walgreens.com, the leader in home health care, sells the complete line of Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits for families.

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Flipping the channels over the long holiday weekend, I came across an
episode of “Good Times.”   A frequent viewer of the show in the rerun
years, I watched two episodes.   I had not seen these, but they left a
lasting impression on me.

The premise of this episode was J.J.
planning on skipping his prom and eloping with his high school
girlfriend.   While that was the plot, the subplot began to grab more of
my attention.   Turns out, J.J.’s girlfriend had a secret heroin
problem.    Well through a series of mixups… the family discovers the
heroin.     So through a little subterfuge, they have Thelma call, and
request that the dealer bring more to the Evans home.   Of course James
is ready to ring this “dealer’s” neck, as is the father of the

When the knock comes at the door, they grab the collar
of a small boy.    He smugly tells them that they can take his supply,
but he has much more.   He also tells them that he will distribute
plenty of it on the playground at school.    I thought to myself that
this social commentary from 1974 still applied today.

Kids are
arrogantly stealing medicine, buying and selling it, and using it
without fear.  Heroin has been surging.   If you don’t believe me,
GOOGLE your major metropolitan city on the internet with “drugs and

Here in Southern California, one of the top writers at the
Orange County Register recently painted the bleak picture about the
drug epidemic in our schools, and with our teens.   You can read that
column clicking HERE.

now, these family shows can remind people, that drugs are deadly, and
they destroy families.    One Tree Hill had a small scene about drugs
and home drug testing, but we aren’t talking about children as young as 8
and 9.   When will we deliver a message to help our growing youth.
TV shows should not pretend that adolescence is always a bowl of
cherries as depicted on iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and So
Random.    These shows could do a lot by teaching children and their
parents that drugs are still a major problem in our community today.




you are in your late 30s or early 40s, you know doubt know the message
of safe and sane.   Even through the last decade law enforcement
officers have still used the message to promote safe conduct on the 4th
of July holiday weekend.    But unlike the past, which focused on
fireworks safety, law enforcement officers now more than ever are
worried about the rampant drinking and drug use over these extended
holiday weekends.

I’ve seen, heard, and spoke with people who
started the 4th of July celebrations yesterday, Thursday the 30th of
June.    Believe it or not, others say they will party through the
5th.      Fireworks are mainly a thing in the past.   Here in Southern
California, street fireworks are mostly illegal, except for in some
small pockets.    In Irvine, where the Teensavers team is based, the
city eliminated street fireworks probably 25 years ago.

So instead
of more street sweeps for flowers, sparklers, and Piccolo Petes,
officers are setting up flares and cones and conducting DUI checkpoints
more aggressive than ever.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has a
massive anti drinking and driving campaign this weekend.   They held or
assisted with checkpoints starting last night, and those will continue
through Monday.

This is a valuable time to remind your teen about
the dangers of drinking and drug use.   Parents most likely don’t have
to worry about their kids lighting fireworks.   But their kids may still
get badly burned by using alcohol or drugs.

This is also a good
time to consider a Teensavers Home Drug Test, if you are a parent.
Kids are out of school and many partake in drinking and drug use
already, with the extra “excitement” of partying around a holiday.
Parents should already be having the alcohol and drug conversations with
their children.    But they should take the time to reinforce the
message during the holidays.

Teensavers cares about children and
they want families to be healthy and safe during every holiday season.
If you have a child you suspect may be using drugs, test them.   If you
know that friends of your child are using drugs, alert their parents.
Too many parents worry about being a Tattletale.    You could be saving
another child’s life.