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Teensavers is giving a shout out to our stars of Sobriety . Today’s celebrity is Frank Conniff.

The picture above is a post from his twitter feed, marking 27 years to the day he regained his sobriety.

Conniff is an actor and writer best known for his role as Frank on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In 2007, Coniff opened up to asitecalledfred.com about his drug use as a high schooler, growing up in New York.

In those years, I really went down a very misguided path. I became, like, a total stoner, and was just kind of a hippie stoner loser kind of a guy, and I didn’t even have the ambition to be a comedian and stuff. That kinda fell by the wayside for awhile. I got involved with drugs and stuff, and I took a really bad detour there for a while. You know that – miraculously, and I’m very grateful that – I came out of that. And once I sobered up and stopped taking drugs and stopped drinking, then I was really able to really pursue my path in life.

Today back in New York, Coniff finds himself look at 27 years of a clean lifestyle, and a very creative and artistic path in that time.

There are many reasons to like Bradley Cooper.

Teens and young adults think he is funny.

People Magazine and millions of women find him sexy.

We love that he is sober and speaking out about it to the Hollywood Reporter!

Cooper, the man who has made millions laugh as the hungover Phil in the Hangover, is opening up about how his life mirrored the movie.

He detailed one account from a party where he was banging his head on the concrete to show his toughness, but all that resulted was a trip to the hospital.

But that was 8-years ago, and he’s lived life without alcohol and drugs every since.

We need more people like Cooper to speak out about alcohol and drug use.

Some may see his a hypocrite for portraying a highly intoxicated character, but a role is a role and reality is reality.

Cooper doesn’t have to open up about his demons, or his self-destructing ways, but hopefully people will learn from his experiences.

In a time when stars show up busted for DUI or drug-related arrests or encounters routinely on TMZ.com, it’s refreshing to see that one of the hottest actors in Hollywood is handling his meteoric rise to stardom drug and alcohol free.

Teensavers salutes Demi Lovato for her bravery, and making children and parents aware that alcohol and drugs are out there.

Teen starlets have long been drinkers and drug users in the Hollywood scene.

We’ve scene our share of addicts. Some found sobriety. Others continue to be plagued with problems.

Demi Lovato may be the most recent victim.

But Lovato may be one of the first young celebrities to accuse club promoters of plying her with alcohol and drugs.

She told Fabulous magazine that in addition to her struggles with bulimia, depression, cutting, and bullying, she turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with her demons.

“Promoters gave me drugs and alcohol in restaurants or clubs,” she told Fabulous. “They wanted me to come back so I would be seen there. They were basically kissing my [expletive.]”

She says that “Nobody says ‘no.’ That’s why so many end up overdosing and dying. It could definitely have happened to me.”

Lovato’s honesty is refreshing to see. Many celebrities wouldn’t out being served at clubs and restaurants. 95% of them would take advantage of it. Numerous younger stars have been reported in 21 and over clubs and seen drinking by paparazzi and tabloid journalists.

A quick search of Google shows the very first result being a TMZ article from 2006, which reported that Jesse McCartney, the Olsen sisters, and Frankie Muniz were all underage and drinking.

In recent memory, no younger celebrity has come forward talking about the carte blanche lifestyle they are offered by club and restaurant owners.

Some of Lovato’s peers include singer-actress Selena Gomez. Gomez has appeared to live a clean lifestyle, and grabs more headlines for her romance with squeaky clean Justin Bieber.

Last year Bieber and Gomez were at a popular restaurant bar in Costa Mesa, a dark spot in the basement of a pretty obscure building. The two easily could have been drinking at the establishment, but all accounts were that the two were alcohol free.

Bieber, who has one of the largest followings of any celebrity should be applauded more for his ability to not fall into the party lifestyle many other famous teen celebs stumble into. He and Gomez are setting a great example.

Lovato, who has seemingly overcome her problems, should also be commended for publicly facing these issues. Teens and their parents can learn from these celebrities. Sure, their music is not what parents grew up listening to. But these kids are sending the right message. Lovato fell into a dark place, but sees the light, and encourages other kids to stay clean.

Parents need to have frequent talks with their kids about alcohol and drugs. They are killing our teens. Binge drinking, marijuana smoking, and prescription drugs plague our kids. Parents should be communicating with kids about night and weekend plans, who they are socializing with, and having conversations with them when they get home.

Parents shouldn’t be nervous or ashamed checking their kids for drugs and alcohol, and these days, noses don’t always know. Home drug testing is another option for parents. Many believe they could easily tell if their child was using, but typically they don’t discover the usage or the signs until their child is an addict.



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