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Action News Undercover.

Synthetics are clearly marked “not for human consumption,” yet when the newsperson asks the clerk how to ignite the product, the clerk details a list of items that would be used to smoke the product.

This is the undercover work of WBMG. Click here to see their story.

It shows you that despite local bans, state bans, and now even a federal ban, buying synthetic drugs is still very simple. Store owners and clerks either are uninformed about the new laws, or choose to ignore the laws put in place to remove these things.

There are many reasons why children first turn to marijuana.   It is accessible.   Friends have it.   It makes it way through the room at parties.   Kids are curious.   Kids are bored and figure why not try it.  Kids think marijuana is safe.

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Now a new study from Finnish researchers indicates that cigarettes may lead teenagers to try pot.    A study released this week indicates that young people who start smoking at an early age have a much higher risk of starting to use cannabis by the time they turn 17.

The project, funded by the Academy of Finland‘s Research Programme on Substance Use and Addictions, found that risk factors that increase the likelihood of starting to smoke include externalising problem behaviours such as impulsiveness.

The study shows that by the time the adolescents were 17, nearly 15% of the girls and 12% of the boys participating in the study had used cannabis or other illicit substances at least once.

There were several indicators identified as predictors of the drug use.   They included: female gender, binge drinking, father’s binge drinking, smoking peers and acquaintances with drug experience, and aggressive behaviour among boys.

Early smoking onset was an especially powerful predictor.

If you suspect your teen is using cigarettes, you may want to consider that they have gone through the gateway to pot.   Many experts refer to pot as the gateway to more severe drugs.    If you believe your child may be using drugs, contact your doctor, or purchase a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit by clicking here.