Authorities in Minnesota have charged a man for killing a teenager and his cousin, that broke into the man’s home over the Thanksgiving holiday period.

Officers discovered stolen pill vials in the car that is believed to have been used by the teens in a separate burglary.

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The missing pills came from the home of a man who had been vacationing in Spain.  That home had been broken into a night or two before the burglary with the shootings.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the teens broke into the home in Little Falls, and homeowner Bryan Smith fired a shot which wounded the boy. But Smith then fired a shot to the teen’s face killing him.

When the girl emerged from stairs, he shot and wounded her. But authorities told the paper that while the girl lay wounded, Smith put a gun up to the girls chin and fired one final “good, cleaning finishing shot” killing her.

Toxicology reports have not been released on the teens, to see if they may have been high on the pills at the time of the second robbery.

But if these teens did have a pill problem, you can see how an addiction can lead kids to do things that put their life in danger just to continue their pill supply.

It’s a small town hit by a tragedy, and it may have been prevented if the teens had never been experimenting with prescription drugs.