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Adderall has been a big helper to people coping with ADHD.  This includes children diagnosed with the condition.

But adderall is also one drug that is frequently misused by people of all ages.

The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone takes a look at how it is popular in professional sports as a performance enhancer.

Teens also abuse it as a study enhancer.

In a recent anti drug coalition meeting in Orange County, California, several teens were in attendance.

They were asked about kids using adderall and other so called “study drugs.”

Several admitted that they know of use on campus by their peers.

Moms and dads have an ally against drug abuse. Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits detect adderall and other amphetamines that

We used to see an explosion of this in college, as students were trying to keep up between midterms and papers.

But high schoolers are now looking for that competitive edge, as they know they kid sitting in the desk across the aisle could be gunning for the spot at their preferred college.

Most parents don’t realize that a drug like adderall needs to be monitored for when it comes to trying to prevent or detect teen drug use.

Too many parents focus on their nose as the detection agent for marijuana and alcohol.

But many popular drugs of abuse can’t be smelled by the nose.

Parents also cannot be naive to think that because their student is a straight A student or takes AP classes that they are drug free.

There are many kids with a 4.0 GPA that have overdosed on drugs.

If you’re a parent of a teen who is prescribed adderall by the family doctor, make sure they take their dosage as recommended.

That means despite the fact that Johnny or Mary are now 17 and 18 years old, you know how many pills are in the bottle at all times, and you watch them take it.

Kids with prescriptions can take it haphazardly, trying to get by without it at times, so that they can abuse it later.

Many kids sell or trade their medications for money and/or other drugs.

If you are a parent and you see your child acting a little strange come finals time, don’t just immediately assume it to be stress related.

There may be other factors involved.

America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, says that more kids are abusing study drugs because they are just trying to keep up with the other guy. He says it’s akin to athletes doping to keep up with competitors.

It’s a reminder that the drug debate, needs to include substances like study helpers, relaxers, and sleeping aids.

Pot Brownies have been around for decades.

But the brainchild of the hippies of the 60s have made way to a marijuana menu that would have Martha Stewart blushing.

And parents should pay attention.

With our growing medicinal marijuana culture comes an array of new products designed to help patients consume cannabis.

And many parents can miss detecting the signs of marijuana use, by simply smelling for smoke, or looking for signs of paraphernalia like rolling papers, a pipe, or bong.


The Seattle Times has an article about the safety of edibles, and while the article focuses on the sanitary conditions in which these products are made.

And while the food-safety inspection concerns are an issue for people that consume these products, the article is also a good way for parents to discover just how food products cannabis can be infused into.

There are Lollipops, Black Forest Ham and Swiss Breads, caramels, fudge, cookies, taco mix, greenfish (think goldfish crackers), weeditz (think cheez itz,) animal crackers, and rice krispy treats.

And when it comes to drinks, there are teas, lemonades, and sodas.

What are helping legitimate patients easy their pain ans suffering without smoking, are also intoxicating snacks for sneaky students.

It’s just another thing to look for as a parent. There’s not always smoke, where there is fire. And your teenaged son or daughter could be ablaze with a marijuana high from an unassuming fiery burrito.