Officers are used to piecing together drug “families,” networks of people involved in a trafficking ring.

In New Boston, Ohio, detectives managed to bust an entire family on suspicion of drug dealing.

They rounded up a dad, mom, two sons, and an uncle.  The five now face drug charges.

According to WSAZ’s newschannel 3, Five members of one family from Scioto County have been indicted, and are now behind bars.

A Scioto County Grand Jury indicted Ricky A. Grooms, 47, his common law spouse Dana Cattell, 43; their sons Ricky Grooms II, 25, and Ryan Grooms,22, along with the elder Grooms’ brother Roy Grooms,46.

New Boston Police arrested four of the five were yesterday. A fifth turned himself in after learning of the other arrests.

All five people will remain in the Scioto County Jail until they are arraigned in Scioto County common Pleas court.

Police say the family lived in an area buzzing with drug activity and they had been following up on complaints and tips regarding the illegal sales.