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This is one of those stories that makes the people at Teensavers so mad.   How could it not?

Police in Reno say a couple is facing charges after their toddler accidentally ingested heroin.

The baby was hospitalized last week, and now both parents face child abuse charges.

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Vizina told investigators she and Robinson smoked heroin Saturday night before she went to work at an escort service, and that the child ingested the heroin while Robinson was responsible for the child.

Robinson apparently left the child unattended for a brief time in the living room.

You can read more about this shocking story at the Reno Gazette by clicking HERE.
Drugs should not be in the same home as children, regardless if they are 18 years old or 18 months old.

Parents need to maintain a drug free environment for their children.  It’s not an option.  It’s a responsibility.



We are learning about two deaths that occurred by attendees of the EDC.

Both deaths happened away from the festival site, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

EDC organizers say they don’t believe the deaths will hamper plans for another event next year.   And they should be right.

These deaths can’t be blamed on the EDC.   They aren’t putting guns to people’s heads and telling them to drink excessively or abuse designer drugs.

One of the deaths was a 31-year-old man believed to be intoxicated who wandered out in front of a truck.

The other death was a woman, 22 years old, who fell from her 27th floor hotel room balcony.

Family members spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

They reported that Emily McCaughan suffered paranoid delusions after taking ecstasy.

“Damn it, they (drugs) are just killers every single time,” family spokeswoman Mignonne Walstad told the newspaper. “Emily wasn’t a drug addict, it was just a tragic accident.”

McCaughan’s father, Richard, said he can’t believe his daughter would have used drugs and he suspects foul play may have been involved in his daughter’s death.

Concert promoters put on a show and they staunchly are against any drug use at the festival.    But anyone who goes knows that there are a substantial number of people who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

These victims weren’t teenagers, but it goes to show you that if you know that your young adult son or daughter may be attending a music festival, you may want to talk to them about the dangers of drugs.

Whether the drugs are legal or illegal, the conversation needs to take place about abusing the substances.

It’s a tragedy that two lives were lost at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Nearly 400,000 people attended the event, and many of them enjoyed the event safely.

Festival promoters make the environment safe for concert goers and artists.   The Saturday night event of the 3-day festival was shortened due to wind danger concerns.

Hopefully the next event will be death free, and some discussions at home could help prevent those tragedies from occurring.

Our hearts go out to the families of those victims.

Look no further than that DEA’s website. You can enter your zip code and it will map out the closest locations for Saturday’s annual drug take back day . This is a good time to clean out the medicine cabinets if you are a parent. You may want to help your aging parents clean out their unused medicines.

Please do not leave these supplies available for kids. Too many kids have started their habit with help from the invisible drug dealer in the home. Don’t fuel your child’s addiction.

Click RIGHT HERE for quick access to the drug take back event in your town.