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He spent 40 years rocking in a free world.

Now Neil Young is trying something different. He is rockin in a drug free world.

Young has written a new book about his life and he spoke to Rolling Stone Magazine about his new sobriety from alcohol and pot.

The article highlights some of the passages in the book, including these thoughts from Young, “The straighter I am, the more alert I am, the less I know myself and the harder it is to recognize myself. I need a little grounding in something and I am looking for it everywhere.”

Read the rest of the Rollig Stone article by clicking here.

Eminem talked with Rolling Stone as the 38-year old is finally emerging back into the music spotlight.


He told Rolling Stone magazine: “I try to stay recording, because if I don’t, I get rusty. I’m very paranoid about writer’s block – I had it for four years, and it drove me f***ing crazy. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t think of s**t.”


“The pills had a lot to do with it. Just wiping out brain cells. I don’t know if it sounds like I’m making excuses, but the absolute truth is a lot of my memory is gone.

Some celebrities send out the wrong message about drugs.    Endorsing marijuana or talking about cocktails of pills and alcohol can leave an impression on a teenager.  

Hopefully Eminem’s candid discussion about how pills ruined some of the most creative years of his life will help dissuade teenagers from getting mixed up with pills.


     Marijuana legalization advocates are claiming victory, despite the sound defeat of Prop 19.   With 100 precincts reporting, the NO votes scored a 54% advantage of the YES votes.  

     Already supporters of the prop are calling for the issue to return to the 2012 ballot.   They are also claiming a small victory.   The issue of marijuana legalization, once the topic of a small grassroots rally, now dominates the biggest headlines on the major media sites.   California’s media sources like the LA Times, OC Register, SF Chronicle, and other smaller papers have been running daily stories on Prop 19.   But other nationwide media sources have been commenting on the issue.   This morning, big write-ups could be found in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Rolling Stone.  

    The issue will smolder now as the federal government keeps a close eye on this, and the growing number of states enacting medicinal marijuana laws.   The Obama administration has already said it would come down on any state that legalizes pot.    But the White House said that once before regarding medicinal marijuana, where it can now be found in many states.  

    The biggest issue is keeping pot, alcohol, and any other drugs out of the hands of teens.   With a rise in teen narcotics use, it is important for parents to maintain a continual dialogue with their teens.   Home drug testing kits are an option for parents who want to feel secure about their children.

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