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One woman’s hail mary pass into a correctional facility ended up with more than a penalty. She’s facing charges!

The woman, a former correctional facility worker, was arrested by authorities after she filled two football with drugs, cigarettes, cell phones, chargers and pills and threw them in the Ohio facility.

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You see how desperate some people are to help others with their addictions.

Sending drug dealers to prison doesn’t necessarily stop the flow of drugs into the hands of our children.

A federal indictment charges that 40 people were part of a Indiana prison smuggling ring ran by two inmates, housed at two different prisons.

The indictment alleges that the inmates ran a drug ring that distributed methamphetamine and heroin thanks to cellphones smuggled in by guards.

These inmates were apparently conference calling each other to figure out who they could pool their financial resources to score discounts on heroin.

17 of the accused appeared in court yesterday.

The indictment details a series of alleged phone calls the two men placed to people outside the prisons, including to oversee the purchase of ‘‘large amounts’’ of heroin from a source in Chicago. They also instructed people how and where the drugs should be sold, prosecutors allege.

‘‘Once acquired, the heroin was brought from Illinois to Indiana by the use of couriers where it was, in turn, distributed on the streets to various places’’ in central and southern Indiana, the indictment states.

Meth was acquired from sources in California, while other drugs, including PCP, were also involved, according to the indictment.

In at least one call in May 2012, one of he men stayed on the phone with a woman ‘‘throughout the duration’’ of a drug deal as she sold about 20 grams of heroin at an Indiana truck stop  for $2,500.

The Indiana Department of Corrections issued a statement saying it has been cooperating with the FBI since the investigation began.

With the midwest having such a problem with heroin along the so-called “heroin highway”, it’s good to see that the FBI is cracking down on drug distribution there.

It is disturbing though to see that guards may be helping these drug dealers continue to work their action from behind bars.

Why should parents care?

This isn’t a case of junkies working from behind bar to sell to other junkies.

This is a criminal masterminded operation that keeps a free flowing drug supply on the streets, which ultimately fall into the hands of minors and young adults.





A&E TV has numerous breakthrough programs.   Their latest could be a life saver.   It’s called Beyond Scared Straight.   It is a documentary and each episode will focus on children (yes some pre-teens) who have already taken a twisted path headed the wrong direction.   There is a press release below.      If you think your teen is too young to watch this program?  Think again!

This is the type of TV that is needed to counter what is typically glorified on television.  Teens see the money making hustling life of a teen that is benefiting from drugs, violence, and crime.   Take a look at the true tales here.   This is a show that could help your teen see that messing around with drugs, leads to a life behind bars.

A huge applause for A&E to bring this to the airwaves.   Most networks wouldn’t have the guts to bring this programming to the table.  The real question is, will parents have the guts to sit with their children and watch this?   Hopefully they will.





NEW YORK, NY – December 13, 2010 – A&E Network presents “Beyond Scared Straight,” a new series executive produced by Arnold Shapiro and based on his Academy Award and multiple Emmy-Winning documentary “Scared Straight!,” that will profile unique approaches to juvenile crime prevention in prisons around the U.S. The series premieres Thursday, January 13 at 10PM ET/PT with a special 90-minute episode at a women’s prison in central California.

“Scared Straight!” has become an iconic name and a cultural phenomenon over the years. The film made a huge impact – showcasing the radical and effective juvenile intervention program that took place in a New Jersey prison. Since they were created, both the prison program and the film have turned countless kids away from drugs, violence and crime. The power of the original “Scared Straight!” program has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programs in men’s and women’s prisons across the country; and this series will showcase several of them. Under the auspices of Arnold Shapiro, “Beyond Scared Straight” profiles the new approach to keeping today’s kids from becoming tomorrow’s convicts.

Much like the original version of “Scared Straight!,” these youthful offender programs put boys and girls of all ethnicities, ranging in age from 13-18, into intensive one-day in-prison sessions that show them the realities of life behind bars. However, in many dramatic ways, these 21st Century programs are very different from the original because today’s youth needs a different approach. For current teens, city streets can be as dangerous as the life they believe exists behind bars. TV, film and music have glorified the gang and prison experience and the task of “scaring” teens is more complicated now than ever. As a result, inmates have had to adapt their methods – making them more a combination of intimidation, information and communication – and the results for the new program have proven to be equally effective.

Each 60-minute episode of “Beyond Scared Straight” will focus on a different prison program in the U.S., following 4 -5 at-risk teens. Viewers will follow them as they attend the program, experience their intensive one-day in-prison session and then follow up with them one-month later to see the lasting impressions the program has left on them.

In the special 90-minute premiere episode, five at-risk teenaged girls get a close-up look at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, CA. In addition to the grueling day that’s planned, the prison has arranged for an extended stay – a total of 72-hours in prison – for the teens if they can’t convince the inmates they’re going to make positive changes in their lives. The girls range in age from 12 – 17: Leanna, 13, is a preacher’s daughter who loves shoplifting, drugs and alcohol. Pricilla, 15, boasts of having had more than 20 fights and was expelled for threatening to burn her school down. Cecilia, 12, smokes marijuana, drinks regularly and talks proudly about her association with a gang. Her mother happens to be in this prison, and she’s never seen the way her mom lives on the inside until now. Cecilia’s best friend, Desirey, smokes, drinks, shoplifts and associates with gangs. Emily, 17, who is abusive toward her mother, has an explosive attitude that she fuels with excessive drinking and drugs. Seeing for the first time that their lives are out of control, the girls have a chance to make a change or continue on the road to prison.

“Beyond Scared Straight” is produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions for A&E Network. Executive Producer is Arnold Shapiro. Co-Executive Producer is Paul J. Coyne. A&E Executive Producers are Robert Sharenow, Laura Fleury and Jordana Hochman.