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Eminem talked with Rolling Stone as the 38-year old is finally emerging back into the music spotlight.


He told Rolling Stone magazine: “I try to stay recording, because if I don’t, I get rusty. I’m very paranoid about writer’s block – I had it for four years, and it drove me f***ing crazy. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t think of s**t.”


“The pills had a lot to do with it. Just wiping out brain cells. I don’t know if it sounds like I’m making excuses, but the absolute truth is a lot of my memory is gone.

Some celebrities send out the wrong message about drugs.    Endorsing marijuana or talking about cocktails of pills and alcohol can leave an impression on a teenager.  

Hopefully Eminem’s candid discussion about how pills ruined some of the most creative years of his life will help dissuade teenagers from getting mixed up with pills.


Wanted to let everyone know about the A&E Intervention episode called “Tiffany” airing next Monday.     Tiffany ends up at Chapman House with America‘s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman.   This is a former beauty queen, reduced to skin and bones and a severe addiction to any and all types of drugs.    She’s firmly against treatment.   It’s a powerful episode with a headstrong addict.       Intervention and the soon to be released show “relapse” are good reminders that parents need to pay close attention to their children.   Home drug testing is a strong deterrent to children using drugs.


You can see the beginning of the episode  here:


He’s making the media rounds.   In the last 24-hours, he’s appeared on The Today Show, 20-20, CNN, and even Howard Stern.     Charlie Sheen is flaunting his drug-free life and his mockery of rehab.     The last time we checked, rehab isn’t surrounding yourself with a hot former nanny and a former porn-star.   Clearly, Sheen’s father Martin, and brother Emilio Estevez are not impressed by Sheen’s newfound sobriety.      The father and brother of Charlie Sheen appeared on foreign television to talk about the pattern of Charlie’s behavior, and coping with the trouble-making headlines for decades.

If Sheen really embraced a sober life style, he’d get more help than sexcapdes with two women who are highly unqualified has rehab nurses.   Sheen needs to get constant counseling and medical help.   He appears as if he hasn’t slept for days, looking frail and ghostly on the television appearances.

While Sheen has taken the right first step, stopping his drug use, he needs to make an effort at changing his life permanently.    One home drug test and a lab directed blood test do not free him from years of poor behavior and poor choices.    Sheen needs to continue drug testing, and he needs to get help.

America may be awestruck by Sheen’s bravado and apparent turn of events, but hopefully there aren’t young men out there who wish to emulate the actor’s lifestyle.   Decades of partying do not end overnight.    Years of substance abuse is not flipped off with a switch.    Sheen can be credited for one thing, that’s highlighting home drug testing.    Now he should continue maintaining his sobriety, and continue his use of the tests.

At Teensavers, counselors advocate the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for families to use.   Parents can test with their kids so that the teensagers do not feel singled out.   A drug free family is the healthiest environment for children.   It doesn’t do a family any good if a teen is clean and being tested, while the mom is taking Oxycontin or other prescription drugs.    Prescription drug abuse is a rising problem in America.   It is almost an epidemic.   Teens hooked on heroin typically say that they started using with the help of the family medicine cabinet.

If you know someone who has a drug problem, get them the help they need.   Visit Myteensavers.com or click here for information on home drug testing.    Your teens are precious.  Treat them preciously.

Charlie Sheen stands by his work ethic as an actor.    He says he doesn’t miss a casting call, and he’s always on time.    CBS however isn’t having him back, and has halted production of the hit comedy Two and a Half Men.    Sheen’s apparent rant and name calling incident of show creator Chuck Lorre was the final straw.

Teensavers says it will do it’s part to help CBS get the red light running again.   We have a home drug test that Charlie can take every day to prove that he is drug free.  Sheen recently told the great website Radaronline.com that he’d allow them to film him taking a drug test.   Charlie we have a 12-panel right here that tests for Cocaine, Heroin, PCP, Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, Baribiturates, Benzodiazapines, Oxycodone, Methodone, Ecstasy, and TCAs.      We’ll even waive the $40 price tag.     We love good humor at Teensavers, and if Charlie wants to vow to stay clean, we will help provide the tests so he can prove it!