Teens abusing prescription drugs is pretty scary.    But, Pfizer  reminds us that there is something more frightening out there –
counterfeit drugs that could be even more harmful to our children.


Of  course the news Pfizer was making, was possibly more aimed at making
sure their products are purchased by Americas, but the company’s warning
brings up a good point.   Could kids be so desperate to get high, that
they might abuse counterfeit pills?    Those pills, Pfizer warns, can
contain things like rat poison or lead.


Pfizer and the pharmacy association estimated that worldwide sales of counterfeit
medicines was $75 billion in 2010.    That amounts to one in six Americans buying medicines on the Internet.


It’s downright scary to think that kids could be abusing pills regularly.   But some have no
fear and go to great lengths to get high.   Kids are abusing bath salts,  product specifically labeled “not for human consumption” to get high.

Kids  combing the streets for Xanax, Oxy, or Percocet don’t know if they are
getting a legitimate pill or not.    They may even be buying the pills
online themselves.   How difficult is it for a kid to order online, and
then stalk the mailbox after school before mom and dad get home?


Pfizer’s information is good information for parents.  They have created a Youtube channel that you can access by clicking HERE.


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