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Many people associate drug dealing and drug use with major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and Seattle to name a few.

But small towns and rural neighborhoods are also coping with problems ranging from prescription drug abuse, to methamphetamine production.

It’s manifesting in Missouri. It’s pumping in Pennsylvania. And it’s even violating Vermont.

Rutland, Vermont is has a population of about 16,000 people. But according to Vermont Public Radio, it also has a very serious problem with drugs.

Believe it or not, there are many parents who think that their city or community is safe from drugs.

Moms and dads, your home may not even be safe from drugs.

Your teen could have pot stashed in his/her room. They could be swiping your medications.

The parents who know for sure, are the proactive parents.

They talk with their teens, and they make sure, drugs are not in the house.

Parents cannot afford to be relaxed about teen drinking and drug use.

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This report comes from the WITF newsroom, and its website WITF.org.

The 21-year-old son of a Pennsylvania state senator is dead of what officials told WITF was an accidental drug overdose.

Police say that Ryan Brubaker’s body was discovered shortly after 8 a.m. by a family member at their home in Lancaster County. Brubaker is the son of state Sen. Michael Brubaker.

The younger Brubaker had been in trouble with the law on a DUI charge, and a charge involving prescription drugs.

Our hearts go out to the Brubaker family.

The Philly Inquirer and Jeremy Roebuck report that prosecutors are filing charges against several people after busting an alleged synthetic drug ring in Allentown.

Authorities seized Scooby Snax and Eight Baalz from J&L Wholesale Distributors in Allentown.

Prosecutors alleged the company supplied the illegal products and drug paraphernalia to gas stations and convenience stores in northern Montgomery County, the Lehigh Valley, Delaware, and New Jersey.

It’s great to see this crackdown. Just because there is a law, doesn’t mean the people profiting off these products will adhere to it!

Great work by authorities in Pennsylvania.

Doggie Drug Bust!

Alert police work by a Pennsylvania officer and his four legged partner led to the arrest of two men and the discovery of nearly $12 million dollars in drugs.

The officer noticed the men looking suspicious Sunday, and pulled their big rig over for numerous violations in Bensalem, PA.

Inside, the K9 officer found methamphetamine and heroin in the cab’s sleeping compartment.

To hear more from the police on the bust, and see a photo of the stash, head to philly.com by clicking on this link.

Removing these drugs off the streets may have saved a life or two, and stopped a few cases of addiction before they started.

These drugs were headed to the Delaware Valley, and officers believed the narcotics came from Mexico.

Fortunately, the alert officers made the arrest before these drugs arrived at their destination.

For all of the people that argue that the drug war is a waste, you see that small busts like this can have a big impact on saving the people in a community.

American’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman wrote up a good little piece of information for parents on teen drug use and home drug testing teens.   He talks about the Myteensavers home drug test.  It also includes video of a family torn apart by drugs, and their struggle to get help for their loved ones.

You can see it on Jim Plagakis’s site.   He’s an outspoken pharmacist and a leader in his field at informing the public.  See his guest posting here.