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We have talked many times about parents relying on the smell test at the end of a Friday or Saturday night.

They encounter their teen as their teen comes home around curfew, and they engage them in a small conversation, give them a hug and a kiss, and say good night.

What they’ve also been doing during that brief minute or two exchange is sniff, sniff, sniff.

Parents believe that the easiest thing to do at the end of the night is to give their teen a look over, and then see if they can detect any smell of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.

But sometimes the nose won’t detect any odor, but instinct is telling parents that something isn’t right.

What next?

In the world of drug use and detection, the “break glass in case of emergency” tool is the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.


The Teensavers kit is the next level of detection.

Instinct can be a big factor for parents. Their teen may not be stumbling around or incoherent, but there’s enough there to suspect that something isn’t quite right.

Within three minutes you will have your answer.

1 panel tests screen for marijuana (THC)

3 panel tests screen for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine

5 panel tests screen for the above three plus opiates and oxycodone

7 panel tests screen for the previous 5 plus benzodiazepines and ecstasy

12 panel tests screen for the previous 7 plus amphetamines, barbiturates, methadone, PCP, and tricyclic antidepressants.

An Arizona pastor could spend some time behind bars, after officers busted him for selling drugs.   The arrest can serve as a reminder to parents that even people with seemingly respectable careers and backgrounds can be involved in illegal activity.

According to KSEE24 News, Mark Derksen admitted to police that he served up to 30 clients a day.

Empower your teen to say no with Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits.

He admitted to giving away free drugs to convert people into customers.

Undercover deputies purchased drugs from Derksen, which wrapped up a two year investigation.

While executing a search warrant, officers found heroin, meth, Oxycontin, scales, and weapons in Derksen’s home.

He may seem like a small time player in the drug selling world, but his role as a religious figure is the type of trusted person that could introduce kids to drugs.

There’s no word on whether or not Derksen ever sold drugs to minors, but this can serve as a reminder to parents that drug dealers are typically not sinister looking men lurking in an alley somewhere.

They often are people who can be trustworthy, and have a responsible appearance.

She wasn’t moving millions of dollars in illicit drugs, but a 32 year old Georgia woman will spend the next six months behind bars for pushing small packages of pills.

Kids are obtaining pills from these small type drug dealers. Teensavers is your extra set of eyes.

Undercover agents met Erica Kohl, and obtained 20 Oxycontin tablets during one encounter, and then busted her a second time at the same shopping mall for another 20 pills.

According to the Marietta Times, prosecutors established a sufficient case against a woman who was not keeping up with the court’s request for drug counseling and treatment.

Perhaps she didn’t take this case against her too seriously, but when the judge handed down the sentence, Kohl realized this meant not spending Christmas with her son this year.

As people get caught up with the money of drug dealing, they often lose sight of the consequences.

She will now have the next six months to think about how drug dealing is not the best career choice.

If you didn’t catch last night’s Intervention, it was about a mother who had a severe meth and Oxycontin habit.

Detect Oxycontin use in a 3-minute affordable, reliable, and private Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

And the person she got her drugs from was typically her brother.

While many users may experiment with drugs for the first time with a sibling or loved one, most typically do not continue buying from their siblings.

This is important for parents to look for and recognize especially when they discover that an eldest child of theirs has experimented with drugs.

Sometimes it will completely turn the younger siblings away, and sometimes it may make drug use more attractive or less dangerous to those kids.

If they see that brother or sister is using, and they are carrying on a seemingly normal and functioning life, they may perceive reduced risks with using drugs.

Oftentimes even while using together, sibling will hide their actual drug use, and only admit to a lesser usage.

If you haven’t watched A&E’s Intervention, it’s a powerful show.   It’s worth hiting the DVR record button.

There are a lot of patients with severe alcohol problems. Parents can learn from the interventionist just how significant of a role they play in enabling a young drinker or drug abuser.

You can see the Huffington Post’s recap on Intervention, including a video clip, by clicking HERE.

The stories are heart wrenching; young people dying from prescription drug abuse in America.

Many take the downward spiral from recreational pill use towards heroin, and they lose their lives that way.

Teen drug use can be detected with one 3-minute family kit.

CNN, in a story today about the pill problem plaguing this country, opens its’ story about Emily, a girl who died after taking Oxycontin the first time.

Earlier that day, she had attended her uncle’s funeral. That night, she and her cousins drank alcohol, and she mixed in one of her late uncle’s Oxycontin pills.

That’s all it took. No, history of experimentation. No addiction. One recreational use took her life.

CNN examines why so many people loses their lives accidentally to prescription drug misuse.

You can read that article by clicking HERE.

Looking for the best family of home drug test kits for your family?

There’s only three tests approved by the FDA to be sold in pharmacies.

And the newest generation of tests is the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

The numbers don’t lie. One in 5 teens are abusing drugs.

Teensavers is the Total Solution to help parents!

A 1-panel test screens for marijuana

A 3-panel test screens for marijuana, cocaine, and methampthetamine

A 5-panel test screens for the previous 3 plus opiates and oxycodone.

A 7-panel test screens for the previous 5 drugs of abuse plus benzodiazepines and ecstasy.

A 12 panel, the most comprehensive test, screen for the previous 7 plus PCP, Amphetamines, Barbiturates. Methadone, and Tricyclic Anti-depressants.

CLICK HERE to visit the Teensavers Home Page.


Take a quick search online and you will see almost on a daily basis, a story about teens using pills, or parents reaching out after the child has died from pill abuse.

The stories and these victims have numerous things in common.

First and foremost, these are good kids. Many are excellent students. A good portion of them are involved in their community. Some are standout athletes.

They also made one mistake; experimenting with pills.

The first one may have come from a friend, but chances are they came from the family medicine cabinet.

And from where the first one came, the second, third, and fourth pills followed.

Then as those cheap and easy supplies diminish, the kids have to be crafty to find their next high.

Opiates and Benzodiazepines are very addictive. Experimenting with them can lead to addiction very quickly.

Some kids start trying to rummage through their friends’ parents’ medicine cabinets.

Others begin to buy pills.

Kids will go to great lengths to continue the pill use, and if they don’t have a lot of cash, they could resort to trading items they do have for pills.

A kid who has 40-50 xBox games, can easily trade one for a pill, especially if he’s tired of the game, or decides that he needs that pill badly enough.

Kids will also trade electronics, skateboards, shoes, and clothes to stop the interruption in the flow of pills.

Ultimately, most kids cannot keep up. So they turn to heroin.

Long feared as that evil and dangerous drug, the biggest stigma about ever experimenting with heroin was the needle factor.

Most kids do not want to mess around with needles. Most long time adult users don’t even like using the needles.

But at this point, their need for the opiates is a MUST.

Heroin can be taken without a needle. Users can smoke it.

And at $12 a balloon on the street, heroin becomes far more attractive to the addict who has been trying to piecemeal his way to an Oxycontin here or a Percocet there at $25-$40 a pill.

As one law enforcement officer says, a balloon of heroin costs less than the price of the balloon, and for kids who are hooked on opiates, they enjoy it a whole lot more.

The good night kiss test, or the sniff test no longer works when kids come home at curfew.

Unlike smelling for marijuana and alcohol, your nose can’t detect opiates.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit can.

With treatment trends in mind, the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit can detect a wide variety of pill use.

And for parents who do not know much about home drug tests, the Teensavers kit goes well beyond the science of a positive and negative result.

Cheap or free tests online leave you searching and PAYING for a laboratory to process your positive sample.

One of the most uncomfortable feelings after seeing a preliminary positive result show up on a test you just gave your teen is figuring out what to do next.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit comes with free lab confirmation — a confidential GC/MS screening of your samples to give you specific scientific confirmation of what is in your loved one’s system.

And to get you through the confusion, fright, and uncertainty Teensavers has a 24/7 hotline for parents to ask questions like

-What’s this pill I found?

-Why is there foil and residue in my child’s jacket?

-What does one line, or a faint line mean on the test, versus two solid lines?

-How can I talk to my teen?

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit also includes a Parental Support Guide, written by America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman.

It offers parents not only an education about drugs, and recognizing the signs, but emotional support on connecting with your teen when it comes to drug conversations.

Our children are precious, and the nose doesn’t always know.

Teensavers not only detects the drug use, but can help deter use.

Set the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit on the counter and it tells your children “we care about your health.”

It empowers them to tell their friends, “I can’t try drugs. My parents test me.”

It helps them fight off that peer pressure.

You can take an interactive tour of the Teensavers website, including a 360 degree tour of the kit and its’ contents by clicking HERE.

Should I drug test my teen?

Are you a parent that you have either asked your spouse or youself?

 Unfortunately, many parents don’t have much information on home drug test kits made for families.

Thankfully, Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits were created, with the latest science, free lab confirmation, and a total solution for families that includes 24/7 free support.

The best home drug kit for families is the 7-panel test which screens for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone, benzodiazepines, and ecstasy.

Not familiar with each of these drugs?

There is a complete breakdown of the drugs detected in the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit on the Kit’s website WWW.MYTEENSAVERS.COM.

Beware of cheap or free tests on the internet.

Nearly all of them:

–Are not FDA approved for OTC sales in retail chains (they say FDA cleared, but they are cleared for use by technicians)

–Do not have Lab Accuracy (who knows if their levels are right. What does that mean for parents? FALSE POSITIVES)

–Do not offer free lab confirmation (Sure the test is free. But then when you get that positive and you’re scared, you are referred to a lab that can cost between $40 and $100!)

–Do not offer support with the test (Sure there is an instruction guide, maybe, but do they have a Parental Support Guide like the Teensavers Kits?)

–Do not offer 24/7 support (Their hotline is recorded with a 2-3 day turnaround, if they even respond)

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits are the number 1 brand recommended by Addiction Specialists and the winner of the Parent Tested, Parent Approved award.

Florida, long known as one of the major states where prescription drug abuse is rampant, is making strides in the battle. For the first time in 10 years, prescription drug deaths dropped in the sunshine state.

The total number of prescription drug related deaths in 2011 was 2,539 deaths, according to the Deceased Persons Report.

That’s down from the 2010 total of 2,710 deaths.

Officials say oxycodone presence decreased by 10.7 percent and related deaths dropped 17.7 percent when comparing numbers to 2010.

State officials credit Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts in 2011 to create Statewide Drug Enforcement Strike Force teams.

Florida law enforcement leaders cracked down on doctors and pharmacies from overprescribing dangerous drugs.