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While the totals still seem extremely high, St Louis County in Missouri has seen a reduction in deaths.

This is the second straight year that the death total from heroin has declined,

Read more about the story and the totals by clicking HERE.

Doggie Drug Bust!

Alert police work by a Pennsylvania officer and his four legged partner led to the arrest of two men and the discovery of nearly $12 million dollars in drugs.

The officer noticed the men looking suspicious Sunday, and pulled their big rig over for numerous violations in Bensalem, PA.

Inside, the K9 officer found methamphetamine and heroin in the cab’s sleeping compartment.

To hear more from the police on the bust, and see a photo of the stash, head to philly.com by clicking on this link.

Removing these drugs off the streets may have saved a life or two, and stopped a few cases of addiction before they started.

These drugs were headed to the Delaware Valley, and officers believed the narcotics came from Mexico.

Fortunately, the alert officers made the arrest before these drugs arrived at their destination.

For all of the people that argue that the drug war is a waste, you see that small busts like this can have a big impact on saving the people in a community.

UPDATE: Investigators cannot confirm the New York Post’s report that Sage Stallone died of an overdose.   Since no suicide note was found, they will wait for toxicology reports to determine the cause of death.


The New York Post is reporting that Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage has died from a drug overdose.

His body was found in his Hollywood apartment.

Sage Stallone was a director, and had a role as his father’s son in one of the Rocky movies.

Investigators were trying to confirm if the death was accidental or a suicide.

You can read the detail in the Post’s story HERE.

We will post more, as we learn more details in this case. Sage Stallone was only 36 years old.

Arizona State University has issued a statement saying that Parrish was not a student of the school as reported early on by UCLA’s daily Bruin.

A website has also posted updated information on the young man who lost his life to an apparent combination of alcohol and drugs at UCLA this weekend.

Nowpublic.com has links to Parrish’s Facebook page, as well as a link to a memorial site, created to remember Parrish.

You can access the site by clicking HERE.