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Children don’t have to go down a dark alley and deal with adult gang members to get their hands on marijuana or numerous other illicit drugs.

But that’s the image that most parents see.

Police officers in Dayton, Ohio have arrested a 14-year-old for bringing marijuana to school and planning to sell it.

The 8th grader attends Meadowdale PreK-8 School, but he spent Halloween at the Juvenile Justice Center.

School administrators called police after they noticed the boy had a big zip top bags with individual bags of marijuana inside.

Officers believe that the teen was trying to sell the drugs on campus, and that the boy had also smoked pot in the restroom.

This is a reminder that kids get their drug supply from other kids.

Kids are also getting pills from the medicine cabinet, and they will either abuse them, or sell them to another teen to abuse.


Federal Agents in Los Angeles arrested 17 people accused of participating in a drug ring that funneled cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine from Mexico into the United States.

Among the 17, according to the LA Times, a San Fernando Auto Repair owner and a taco stand owner, also from the valley.

These smuggling operations are present 24/7 and more drugs are being smuggled into America by the minute.

Shows like “Border Wars” show how drug cartels are pushing their product through into the United States.

Some stash their load in cars, hoping not to get caught at border checkpoints, while others run it across the border to people on the other side.

There is nobody to blame but the people using this stuff. If there wasn’t a demand, we wouldn’t see people risk their lives or their freedom to import drugs.

Authorities in Southern California have broken up a methamphetamine ring that funneled drugs and money to and from Mexico through the cities of Ontario and Pomona.

Authorities arrested 17 people early Thursday, and have charged a total of 27 people in connection with the drug ring.

The methamphetamine came into the country in liquid form by plane, cars, and boats. Gang members recrystallized the drugs at an Ontario home.

A U.S. Attorney associated with the case said that dealers will selling several pounds of meth per day, at a profit of $9,000 per pound.

Numerous other suspects are still on the loose, but authorities believe they made a dent in this operation.