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The Teensavers team had heard about “Overtaken,” a movie produced by two Orange County moms, but we hadn’t had a chance to see it until now.

The driving force behind the film are Jodi Barber and Christine Brant.

Jodi lost her son Jarrod to a powerful drug cocktail. He died on the couch while watching a movie. His friends thought he was sleeping.

Overtaken is a movie that can open the eyes of children and parents, as these first-hand accounts of these survivors will show you that drugs can affect any family.

You can watch the movie on the production company’s website by clicking HERE.

If you want to know who is making the effort to save lives not only in Orange County, but across the country, look no further than these two women.

We’ve seen numerous stories about doctors profiting off of America’s obsession with opiates and other narcotics. Now we’re seeing how a doctor himself is now accused of faking prescriptions for his own use.


According to the Orange County Register, a local doctor will head to court today, where he is scheduled to be arraigned on 14 felony charges of writing amphetamine prescriptions for a girlfriend and a former girlfriend so he could use the drugs himself.

Dr. Bryan Swan, seen in this much shot released by the OC D.A.’s office, had a practice in Anaheim.

Article Tab: Dr. Brian Swan booking photo.

Swan’s attorney, Dyke Huish, told City News Service that Swan has a “personal Adderall problem” and has voluntarily put his medical license on temporary suspension as he seeks treatment for his addiction.

The DA’s press release says that Swan fraudulently wrote Adderall and amphetamine prescriptions for a girlfriend and ex-girlfriend with the intention of using the drugs himself.

If convicted on all counts, Swan faces a maximum sentence of 11 years and eight months in state prison.

Jane Doe #1

Six months prior to October 2011, the defendant and his then-live-in girlfriend, Jane Doe #1, split up and the victim moved out. After the couple ended their relationship, Swan is accused of writing 22 Adderall prescriptions for Jane Doe #1 without her knowledge. On five occasions between July 14, 2011, and Oct. 13, 2011, the defendant is accused of going to Sav-on and Target pharmacies to obtain Adderall prescriptions in Jane Doe #1’s name, which he had written.


On Oct. 13, 2011, Swan is accused of attempting to obtain a prescription in Jane Doe #1’s name at a Target pharmacy, but the prescription was denied by the victim’s insurance. The pharmacist contacted Jane Doe #1, who had no knowledge of and had not consented to the prescription. When confronted by the pharmacist, Swan is accused of presenting Jane Doe #1’s stolen driver’s license and then fleeing the scene.


The Irvine Police Department (IPD) investigated this case and learned of a second victim in the course of the investigation.


Jane Doe #2

Swan is accused of beginning to date Jane Doe #2 in September 2011 and she later moved in with the defendant. Between October 2011 and January 2012, Swan is accused of writing nine prescriptions for Jane Doe #2 including Adderall, amphetamine salts, and Vyvanse. Jane Doe #2 used some of the prescriptions, but Swan is accused of prescribing more than Jane Doe #2 would use in order to have extra for himself.


IPD investigated this case. Deputy District Attorney Sayge Castillo is prosecuting this case.

Flipping the channels over the long holiday weekend, I came across an
episode of “Good Times.”   A frequent viewer of the show in the rerun
years, I watched two episodes.   I had not seen these, but they left a
lasting impression on me.

The premise of this episode was J.J.
planning on skipping his prom and eloping with his high school
girlfriend.   While that was the plot, the subplot began to grab more of
my attention.   Turns out, J.J.’s girlfriend had a secret heroin
problem.    Well through a series of mixups… the family discovers the
heroin.     So through a little subterfuge, they have Thelma call, and
request that the dealer bring more to the Evans home.   Of course James
is ready to ring this “dealer’s” neck, as is the father of the

When the knock comes at the door, they grab the collar
of a small boy.    He smugly tells them that they can take his supply,
but he has much more.   He also tells them that he will distribute
plenty of it on the playground at school.    I thought to myself that
this social commentary from 1974 still applied today.

Kids are
arrogantly stealing medicine, buying and selling it, and using it
without fear.  Heroin has been surging.   If you don’t believe me,
GOOGLE your major metropolitan city on the internet with “drugs and

Here in Southern California, one of the top writers at the
Orange County Register recently painted the bleak picture about the
drug epidemic in our schools, and with our teens.   You can read that
column clicking HERE.

now, these family shows can remind people, that drugs are deadly, and
they destroy families.    One Tree Hill had a small scene about drugs
and home drug testing, but we aren’t talking about children as young as 8
and 9.   When will we deliver a message to help our growing youth.
TV shows should not pretend that adolescence is always a bowl of
cherries as depicted on iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and So
Random.    These shows could do a lot by teaching children and their
parents that drugs are still a major problem in our community today.



Teensavers wants to pass along explosive in depth reporting from the OC Register today regarding the history of Austin Farley’s alcohol and violent abusiveness.   Among the OC Register’s findings:

  • Farley spent only 50 days in jail for all of the total crimes he had been convicted.
  • He had 2 underage alcohol issues with authorities
  • His parents were granted 4 protective orders from their abusive son.
  • The mother would not cooperate with police, despite being his victim of abuse.
  • He spent time in and out of treatment centers
  • His most recent case, dismissed Friday, centered around prescription drug abuse.


This was a man full of problems.   If you know someone abusing alcohol or drugs, contact the Teensavers team CLICK HERE.   Home drug testing, and earlier treatment could have headed this man off of his drunken and violent path.

He brazenly plead not-guilty the charges yesterday.  For a complete account from the OC Register, click here:

The community of Irvine has been grieving after we lost a 14-year-old to a habitual drunk driver.  Austin Jeffrey Farley is suspected of being under the influence when he crashed into the Mercedes that Ashton Sweet was riding in.

As we found out shortly after the crash, Farley had a long list of arrests for alcohol and drug possession.   Farley has spent most of his early 20’s paying for his alcohol related offenses.   His latest charge is murder.

We can’t speculate when Farley started drinking, or what his drug use is.    But its clear that he began drinking and driving by the time he was 19.

According to the OC Register, the CHP arrested Farley on a minor driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .05 or higher.    He got off that charge by completing a diversion program.

Most people don’t get arrested the first time they do something wrong.    Some people get away with drinking and driving for years.   Many are lucky, not because they avoided jail time, but because they didn’t hurt anyone.

There are programs in place in the city of Irvine, specifically TARGET21, established by the Irvine by the Irvine Community Drug Prevention group.    They back social host ordinances, and preach that kids should aviod trying alcohol at all until they are 21.

Not only do we need more types of these programs to help usher kids into adulthood, but kids can also be tested to make sure they are not using alcohol or narcotics.    2,500 children use drugs for the first time every day.    Prescription drug abuse is becoming a huge problem.

School educators use breathalyzers and home drug tests at school functions like dances and grad nights.    Parents need to step up to help raise responsible children who become responsible adults.    Do not serve alcohol to minors in your home.     Educate them not to drink or do drugs, and make them aware you will test them.

Myteensavers has treated too many children who started using at a young age.   Many of them say that they had little to no parental guidance during this formative years.

Guide your child into adulthood, and help raise a responsible young adult.