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Once upon a time, St. Patrick’s day used to be a fun little holiday that consisted of children finding leprechaun dust and using green frosting to decorate shamrock cookies.


Perhaps your little wee’un wore a green cocked hat, and perhaps paraded around in red beard to celebrate a holiday that most people have no idea of its origins.

Truth be told, this author is a little fuzzy on the origins of the day, and a quick check of the wikipedia reminds me:

Saint Patrick’s Day (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig (The Festival of Patrick); Ulster-Scots: Saunt Petherick’s Day)[2] is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. The tradition came about at the instigation of the Irish Protestant organisation The Knights of St. Patrick. The inaugural parade took place on 17 March 1783.

Well especially in America, if there are any religious connections remaining with this holiday, they are paid in tribute to the patron saint of alcohol.

On the one day where everyone can celebrate being Irish (many call this, and Cinco de Mayo, amateur hours), liquor stores and supermarkets publicize, market, and pander to the partying consumer.

Chances are most people have seen the Guinness clock display that either shows up in bars or stores that sell alcohol reminding drinkers how many minutes are left until St. Patty’s day. Kids see these cool countdown devices when they are visiting their local grocery store. They too know the hour is near.

But there’s a whole other St Patrick’s Day passion. Teen marijuana smokers won’t be green with envy on this holiday. They will stock up and store their supply to celebrate this storied holiday. Regardless of whether it is Sativa or Indica, for teen pot smokers it’s time to celebrate 420 on 3/17.

So when parents look at their teens and think about how the novelty of the holiday has long passed by, they should remind themselves that they need to give their children much more than a little pinch because their teens aren’t wearing green clothing.

This is a great time for parents to ask their children questions like “what are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day” or “how are you spending this day?” Since the holiday falls on Saturday, you may have more teen revelers than normal. It could be a good time to remind your kid that green beer (another marketing ploy to sell beer) is not only uncool, but it’s also illegal for teens. And parents should remind their kids that the other green, marijuana is illegal, and not tolerated in your family.

You could also remind them to say “no” if they are asked if they would like a “greenie.” That’s the street term for amphetamines. There’s no holiday excuse for your kids to be popping pills on St. Patty’s Day.

You biggest line of defense Sunday morning, could be a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit. It’s the one green thing that could give parents peace of mind. When you see the green box, you know you have the best product for your family.   Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish to keep your kids drug free.

He’s making the media rounds.   In the last 24-hours, he’s appeared on The Today Show, 20-20, CNN, and even Howard Stern.     Charlie Sheen is flaunting his drug-free life and his mockery of rehab.     The last time we checked, rehab isn’t surrounding yourself with a hot former nanny and a former porn-star.   Clearly, Sheen’s father Martin, and brother Emilio Estevez are not impressed by Sheen’s newfound sobriety.      The father and brother of Charlie Sheen appeared on foreign television to talk about the pattern of Charlie’s behavior, and coping with the trouble-making headlines for decades.

If Sheen really embraced a sober life style, he’d get more help than sexcapdes with two women who are highly unqualified has rehab nurses.   Sheen needs to get constant counseling and medical help.   He appears as if he hasn’t slept for days, looking frail and ghostly on the television appearances.

While Sheen has taken the right first step, stopping his drug use, he needs to make an effort at changing his life permanently.    One home drug test and a lab directed blood test do not free him from years of poor behavior and poor choices.    Sheen needs to continue drug testing, and he needs to get help.

America may be awestruck by Sheen’s bravado and apparent turn of events, but hopefully there aren’t young men out there who wish to emulate the actor’s lifestyle.   Decades of partying do not end overnight.    Years of substance abuse is not flipped off with a switch.    Sheen can be credited for one thing, that’s highlighting home drug testing.    Now he should continue maintaining his sobriety, and continue his use of the tests.

At Teensavers, counselors advocate the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for families to use.   Parents can test with their kids so that the teensagers do not feel singled out.   A drug free family is the healthiest environment for children.   It doesn’t do a family any good if a teen is clean and being tested, while the mom is taking Oxycontin or other prescription drugs.    Prescription drug abuse is a rising problem in America.   It is almost an epidemic.   Teens hooked on heroin typically say that they started using with the help of the family medicine cabinet.

If you know someone who has a drug problem, get them the help they need.   Visit Myteensavers.com or click here for information on home drug testing.    Your teens are precious.  Treat them preciously.