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It’s amazing the range of parenting we see, when it comes to handling teen drug use.   Many parents refuse to discuss the issue of drugs at all with their kids.  Their message is too simple, “Don’t do drugs!”

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But kids need to know what damage drugs can do, and how drugs drastically change people’s lives for the worse.

One mom was tired of her 14-year-old’s drug use.    He had been to court several times for selling drugs.   The court continually sentences him to probation and orders him to pay money.   Well that’s not good enough for Dynesha Lax.

She’s making her son stand on a corner in their neighborhood wearing a sign that says, “I steal. I lie. I sell drugs.  I don’t follow the law.”

You can see the story here on Fox59 in Indiana.   Just click <a href=”http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-mother-hangs-sign-around-sons-neck-as-form-of-punishment-20120111,0,4485979.column”>HERE</a>.

And her response to her critics, “”What else more can I do? They put him on probation and when they did probation they were quick to talk about the $300 you have to pay in fees, but nobody’s trying to help me fix my son,” said Lax.”

The message here is simple.  For those who think that home drug testing is a crazy idea, you may want to think twice.   Kids are experimenting in larger numbers and at a younger age.

Don’t wait until there’s a full blown problem.


For immediate information: click HERE

It is no coincidence that we are hearing a lot of stories nationwide about teens who lost their lives to prescription drug abuse.     With the recently President Obama proclaimed National Take Back Day, the requests, pleas, and begging for an end to this crisis has grown louder.

The DEA along with various local city and state police, fire, medical, and religious organization is asking for adults to dispose of unused or expired OTC and Prescription medications.

Every pill and liquid that is removed from the home, creates a safer environment for our children to grow up.

The latest victim that I read about, Connor, a young Utah boy who died last December after an overdose.    You can read about it here: http://fb.me/y8BPa17b

It’s a story with a different name, and a different place, but a common problem; prescription medication.

This kid wasn’t a runaway, and he wasn’t out partying on the streets til 2AM, well past curfew.

Little Connor was playing basketball and ice skating and had dinner at a friend’s house.   The later watched the end of a movie at home with his mother.

In the morning, he was dead.

It’s not a different story from another death late last year.   Two teens playing rock band at home until 3AM.   The parents not upset and glee and laughter coming from their son’s room.   Afterall, their son and his best friend weren’t out at a party.   They had a fun night at home with their parents a few rooms away.   Sadly, the parents the next day found the teen guest dead.   The boys had been using prescription drugs.

There are far too many stories in society.   These aren’t bad kids.   These are children who make a bad choice.   Sometimes it’s just one mistake that leads them to the grave.

Myteensavers.com urges parents to take part in the Take Back day.     Spend 5-10 minutes locating all old medicines, and take them to a proper collection spot in your neighborhood.

Yes, some kids will still use methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol.   Saturday’s effort may not change that.     But prescription drug abuse is an epidemic.     Kids choose pills second to marijuana.   The threat and the danger is real.

Myteensavers.com also encourages home drug testing.   A 12-panel Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit will screen for many dangerous drugs including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, opiates, PCP, benzodiazapines, barbiturates, trcicyclic acids, Oxycodone, methadone, Ecstasy (MDMA)

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As parents, we all love technology.    The internet and all of the electronic improvements have made raising children easier.     I can coordinate my older daughter’s schedule in one blue on my Ipad, and my younger daughter’s schedule in green.   Then I can sync it with my Iphone, and then sync those with my wife’s Iphone, and ultimately have it all tied together nicely on our Macbook pro.

Is this the sleep trance, and dream dance Sting sang about in Synchronicity?    While we spend so much time being connected to keep our families running almost automatically, it seems like parents have disconnected altogether.    Is there any conversation at all?   Or is it just a series of schedules, dates, and times that we live by every day?

Is the new technology robbing us of life?   Are parents more focused on when Apple will release the Ipad2 or the Iphone5 than they are about their children’s health?     Contrary to the conventional wisdom of many naive parents, detecting drug use is not that easy.   Sure, it’s simple to spot a Jeff Spicoli stepping out a smoking hot boxed van.   But could you notice if your child had taken one of your Valium out of the medicine cabinet?

Parents will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on products to make their lives simpler with a click of a button here, and a touch of the screen there.   But how about a handful of dollars to make sure that the precious life you brought into this world grows into the fine adult.

If parents could just step back and remember life of raising children without schedules and appointments and entries into technology, they might remember, just waiting to listen for the baby to cry, or holding the baby while feeding it, or playing with the baby.     I would say that bit of extrasensory, is a lot more powerful in parent-child relationship, than having your child wired like a Tron character.

The big bad man isn’t pushing heroin and cocaine to children.   Other children are.   And oftentimes, those children buying it, are actively seeking it out.     And the real growing danger is the medicine lurking in your own home.    Most of those pills in your medicine cabinet that you can’t say very well, they all do something.   Children are willing to test them.

Put down the Ipad.    Hang up the Iphone for just a second.   Round up your unused medication, and dispose of it properly.   Contact a local hospital, or your doctor and ask about medical waste disposal.   Don’t just dump the pills in the toilet.

Most importantly, home drug test you child.   You’re spending  thousands of dollars on electronics to make your life smooth.    Spend the $40 on a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for peace of mind.    After all, what is your child’s health and future worth to you?

It should be priceless, and worth the cost of anything to see them have a healthy and drug free adolescence.