Miley Cyrus is an 18-year old teen.   She may be a TV star, movie star, singer, and all around world famous can-do-everything girl, but the truth is she is only 18. video shows Cyrus using a bong and smoking what appears to be Salvia.   If you aren’t familiar with what Salvia is, this paper published by Johns Hopkins University experts should explain it.

Cyrus shouldn’t be persecuted for this.   This is between Cyrus and her parents.   You can’t blame for publishing it.  It’s a great get, and it’s about the four billionth episode of teen celebrity stupidity caught on tape.     But this can be a tool to discuss drugs and peer pressure with your teen.

Families sit around the dinner table and talk about what’s happening at school, what’s happening around the community, and certainly what’s on TV.   You couldn’t have gotten by a TV, newspaper, or the internet last week without seeing this headline.    Parents can use this as an advantage, whether or not they believe in the “what Miley does, my teen will do”, belief that some parents have.   First of all, I think anyone over 14 knows that Cyrus is no role model.    Families should talk to their teens about drugs and alcohol or trying things whether it’s something you smoke or sip.

Salvia isn’t new.   It’s been around for centuries.   It will continue to be here, probably outlasting humans.   But as more teens find ways to utilize products to produce a mind-alerting effect, parents need to be more vigilant.   Communicate with your teen.   Talk to them.    Read them stories from the newspaper about teens dying form drug use.  You are going to tell your child that the stove is hot.   They will touch it anyway.

Being honest with your teen about marijuana or cocaine or ecstasy is important.   Relate stories of drug use from your time.   Most people have probably lost someone they know to drugs or alcohol.   Alert your teen to the dangers.   We know teens are going to make mistakes, but we don’t want those mistakes to be deadly ones.     Home drug testing is another way to keep your teen safe.    Some teens already have to test for school, and many will have to test for a job some day. believes in an educational system for teens and parents.   Teensavers home drug tests are a total program.  They are a solution to the biggest secret in your family.   Don’t be the next family at the funeral home or mortuary planning your child’s services.