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Bath salts became a common terminology after the so-called Causeway Cannibal attack in Miami.

And despite the toxicology report finding no evidence of bath salts, the preliminary reports linking the attack and the substance proved to instill fear into Americans.

Perhaps the myth of that attack being caused by bath salts is making a difference.

An article today in the Huffington Post indicates that bath salt related emergencies are down.

While the manufactured narcotic can still be found in stores, many shop keepers have adhered to the law and discontinued selling them.

Of course like any drug, a ban will only go so far to reduce the use of the substance.

Ridding America of drugs requires the users to quit.

Cartels wouldn’t be importing tons of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine into this country, if there weren’t people lined up to buy it.

But it is good to see that people are getting the message of the dangers of bath salts. Interesting read and one we recommend to parents.

By now, you’ve heard of the Causeway Cannibal case out of Miami.

That’s the homeless man Rudy Eugene, who attacked Ronald Poppo, chewing off 75% of his face.

Miami police originally attributed Eugene’s rabid behavior as the behavior as someone under the influence of bath salts.

Earlier this week, authorities revealed the results of the toxicology tests.

The only drug present in Eugene’s system was marijuana.

My colleague, Scott, joked that this must be Reefer Madness, a salute to the 1936 film that essentially detailed that pot smokers would become rapists, murderers, and a general threat to society.

I waited for a few days to write up this story, because authorities cannot let synthetic drugs off the hook in this one.

Dr. Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida, breaks down the difficulty in detecting synthetic drugs in tests.

He told CBS News, “There are many of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on, and that is not the fault of the toxicology lab. The challenge today for the toxicology lab is to stay on top of these new chemicals and develop methodologies for them but it’s very difficult and very expensive.” Goldberger said. “There is no one test or combination of tests that can detect every possible substance out there.”

Ask anyone in addiction treatment or law enforcement and they will tell you that their best guess would be that Eugene had something else, undetectable, in his system.

And while, CBS News also attributed another professor who offered the plausibility that a Satitva strain of marijuana could have increased Eugene’s dopamine levels and sent him into this maniacal rage, it seems highly unlikely.

This is the problem with trying to make these substance illegal, and detecting them. The chemical compositions change routinely. There are hundreds if not thousands of different chemicals out there. They have been characterized as spice, incense, or bath salts, but they go by numerous names, and varying chemical compounds.

According to two very handy guides from ABC2 News, these are just a few of the popular names for synthetic marijuana: K2, Spice, Pep Spice, Black Mamba, Ocean Breeze, Dragon, Bombay Blue

You can see their guide on synthetic marijuana HERE.

Bath Salts also are selling under a different names. Here’s a brief list of some of the products: Bath salts, Plant food, Ivory Wave, Blow, Red Dove, Vanilla Sky, Aura, Zeus 2, Zoom, Bliss, Blue Silk, White Lightning, Ocean, Charge, Cosmic Blast, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Cloud 9, Energy 1, White Dove,

ABC2 News’ list on those drugs can be found HERE.

And there are countless other products.

A quick Google of the words “not for human consumption” under the images tab reveals all types of packages and canisters with synthetic products.

The bottom line is, we may never know what caused Eugene to go on the attack that day. But his symptoms and behaviors certainly could be pinpointed to being under the influence of a synthetic drug.

Detecting them is very difficult. This is why the FDA has been partly reluctant to offer an approval on a drug test. It’s hard to find one with great accuracy.

But parents should be alerting their teens and young adult children to the fact that these substances are dangerous.

Eating the powder of recently took the life of an East Grand Forks, MN boy, and put his best friend behind bars to face murder, manslaughter, and selling to minor felony charges.

Understanding the information about these products is key. The government is trying to ban them, but the chemists creating them keep skirting the bans by altering the composition of the drugs.


After getting a horrifying lesson in what synthetic drugs can do, Miami, the scene of the so-called Causeway Cannibal attack, is moving to eliminate synthetic drug sales.

Last week, the city voted to ban the sale of bath salts.   Now local leaders there are moving to ban the sale of anything structurally similar to the compounds.

The products, which are easily available at many convenience stores, go by colorful names like Blizzard, Blue Silk, Hurricane Charley, Ivory Snow and Snow Leopard.

The county’s ordinance calls for a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail for selling the product.

The laws have shown to be ineffective at stopping the sales.   Many cities and states have tried to enact their own bans, despite the fact that the federal government has also issued a ban on these products.
The key component in most of these products is MPDV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, which can cause hallucinations.   Drug makers have been skirting the bans by altering the chemical compounds of the products which are typically marked “not for human consumption.”

The so-call Causeway Cannibal created a new genre of news; “the bath salts files.”   New stations and police are reporting more incidents involving these synthetic drugs.

Two new bath salts related stories hit the air this week. One story was in Miami, the other in New York. It’s clear by reading the comments, that many people still do not know what bath salts are.

Many people think they are the same substances poured into bath tubs. They are not.

For the Miami story, click HERE.

For the New York story, click HERE.

These synthetic drugs have been putting people’s lives in danger for quite some time, but the face eating attack in Miami has brought much-needed attention to the problem.

Hopefully parents read up on these substances and talk with their kids. These substances are not a safe alternative to marijuana, but keep in mind that some parents are unbelieveably allowing their kids to smoke marijuana just to keep them off these substances.

Parents need to have a zero tolerance when it comes to underage drinking and drug use.

This morning making the daily round of news, I saw this story out of Miami about a homeless man who growled at an officer, bit his hand, and acted similar to the so-called South Beach Cannibal.

I guess we will see a huge spike in these news stories, since the face eating attack horrified, yet captivated Americans.

Talk to anyone in law enforcement, or watch the hit TV shows “Cops” or “Jail.” Heck, you could even go back to an episode or two of “Adam 12” from the late 60s to know that they’ve been attacked and have struggled with violent drug users for decades.

But now that people in the media are just starting to find out about bath salts, spice, incense, and all the other synthetic drugs on the streets, it appears we will start seeing more about these types of stories.

Apparently officers in the Miami area have been alerted to a potential danger from homeless people, and they should be using caution on patrols.

Have the homeless switched from two dollar 40 ounce beers to $25 synthetic drugs?

I guess the one thing we can hope for our of these stories is that the federal government will not only extend its ban on the products, but apply some heavy penalties for sales, distribution, and possession of the drugs.

CBS Miami now says that the man who police say was eating another man’s face may have been under the influence of bath salts.

The grim crime happened over the weekend. An officer came upon the two men. One of the men was naked and eating the other man’s face. Some say the victim’s face doesn’t resemble anything human.

Bath salts have been known to cause users to hallucinate, but nothing like this gruesome attack has been documented in association with the drugs.

You can read CBS’ story by clicking HERE.

Madonna responded to dance icon Deadmau5’s accusations that she was glorifying drugs recently at a Miami music festival.


The material girl says that she wasn’t promoting ecstasy when she asked the crowd if they had seen Molly. She claims that she was referring to a song written by a friend of hers.

She tweeted Deadmau5 with a photo that said “From one mouse to another I don’t support drug use and I never have. I was referring to the song called Have You Seen Molly written by my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my album.”

She went on to say that the musical wizard, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, should have come to her first about the comments. While the two have made nice, you have to wonder if there was just a little drug reference being hinted at during her appearance at the festival.

Either way, Madonna’s steadfast assurance that she does not endorse drug use, was a good sign for any drug users who believed that she was sending them a shout out.

It’s the image ravers hate. They are all a bunch of drug-using mushheads.

Even the LA Weekly took a shot at this blog when Teensavers reminded parents to exercise caution when it comes to teens attending raves. Now Teensavers didn’t allude to the fact that everyone that attends these events are on drugs. The Teensavers teams wanted to remind parents of some of the younger attendees that drugs are used at these events.

While raves are supposed to be 18 and over only crowds, some minors do sneak in. A rave in Los Angeles saw that first hand. At the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010, a 15-year-old girl died of a drug overdose. LA leaders called for a crackdown.

But not all ravers use drugs. Many go and enjoy the music and the lights and the activity drug free. And some musical acts are outspoken about the linking of music festivals and drug use.

Case in point: The Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Madonna was there to introduce Avicii. Trying to keep herself relevant and hip with the younger crowd, she asked, “how many of you have seen Molly?”

Molly isn’t a singer on the bill. Molly is slang for Ecstasy. And while some of the crowd let out a roar, it didn’t leave everyone in the dance community laughing.

Deadmau5, one of the hottest acts on the planet, didn’t like what Madge had to say. In fact, the star (real name Joel Zimmerman) lashed out at Madonna via his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Very classy there madonna. “HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???” such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra, Quite the f’n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! fucking cant smack my head hard enough right now.”

The Huffington Post posted an exchange between the musical producer and a fan. You can read it HERE. The fan called him out asking him where he’d be without ecstasy. Zimmerman didn’t skip a beat saying “i’d give up my entire career to remove the fucking rampant stupidity thats plagued my favorite type of music in an INSTANT.”

It’s good to see that some of the popular people in a genre stand up and speak out against drug use. Imagine if we saw the biggest names in TV and movies follow Deadmau5’s lead? It might be refreshing. Instead we still have movie and TV stars who are the poster children for drug use like Seth Rogan and Charlie Sheen.

It certainly would be nice if someone of stature like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came out and say that the Pitts are against pill abuse or heroin is for has-beens. It would be magnificent if Justin Bieber told his millions of fans that drugs will never be cool. Deadmau5 may not be a household name, but to dance fans, he’s well-known.

It’s great to see him relay a positive anti-drug message!