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Outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon is calling for an end to the drug war.

But President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has a different view. But a critical piece of the drug debate south of the border is now the legalization of marijuana in two states here.

Nieto sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to discuss the dilemma of being against the legalization of drugs, but seeing the potential economic windfall of controlling illicit substances.

What does it mean to Americans? Since most of the drugs imported into America funnel through Mexico, it’s quite a big deal.

But would legalizing drugs there end cartel activity? Would legalizing drugs here stop the flow of drugs in from Mexico, if we had legalized marijuana growth?

Millions of Americans are obsessed with marijuana, pot, weed, chronic, herb,  420.

Whatever you want to call it, millions of teens are also obsessed with it. They can’t wait to get home from school to smoke it, if they haven’t smoked it during school.

As the nation waits to see the ramifications of the new measures in Washington and Colorado that legalized marijuana, people ponder if the floodgates will open in other states.

If those two states see a boost in the budget, you can bet cash-strapped states will follow suit.

Why should we care if it is legalized if we don’t smoke? It could be because kids will have more access to it.

Kids can easily get their hands on alcohol. All it takes is an older sibling or friend. Kids attend parties already where massive liquor supplies exist.

Why would it be any different with weed?

Studies conflict whether marijuana is the gateway drug, alcohol is a gateway drug, both are, or neither are.

But one has been shown concretely is that marijuana use can damage a teen’s brain, when use is started at an early age, and continued through adulthood.

It may one day be the right thing for adults to try and use responsibly, but legal or not, marijuana is not a drug that should be abused as often as it is by children.

If intelligent world leaders say that the recent voter-approved marijuana initiatives in Washington and Colorado hampers the war against drugs, what could our kids be thinking?

Simple 3-minute test can detect teen marijuana use, and saliva tests do not work.

Since the two states’ voters approved the laws last week, many countries have spoken out.

Among the most critical are leaders in Latin America. Many of these world leaders have been in a unified fight against drugs, despite the fact that people in their countries are the main producers of these narcotics.

A lot of our marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, is imported through Mexico, either from that country, or countries like Colombia and Ecuador.

Now Mexican President Felipe Calderon is telling America “practice what you preach.”

He is joined by other leaders from Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica in asking the United Nations’ General Assembly to hold a special session on drugs by 2015.

We will leave the world leaders to debate the issue, but the real concern day to day and from community to community is what do we tell our kids.

Already the Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett is dropping cases against people with marijuana violations after the passage of Amendment 64

Already on Twitter kids are asking about how the laws in Colorado and Washington affect them.

There are thousands of these posts. And while the substances may be legal in those states, parents need to remind their teens that marijuana is still damaging to the developing brain of a teenager.

Studies have shown the harmful effects of teen marijuana use.

Has it killed anyone? No.

However, it can have long-term negative impact on the brain.

And even though marijuana is only legal for people older than 21, we see in every state how easy it is for kids to gain access to to alcohol.

Parents need to be vigilant and have frequent conversations with kids.

There were two big busts recently at the El Centro Sector Border Patrol station in Indio, California.

Agents there seized heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine from one driver at a checkpoint along Highway 86.

Two other seizures resulted in the discovery of cocaine and money.

The heroin, coke, meth bust resulted in a street value of $445,000.

The cocaine bust netted $570,000 in drugs.

If you watch NatGeo’s Border Wars, you see that these results are frequent, and agents are confiscating massive amounts of drugs at the border.

Cartels are trying anything they can to sneak drugs across the border. A recent article reported that cartels are hitting the water to bring drugs in small submarine vehicles.

Drug mules also run drugs across the border in Arizona and Texas. These types of drug runs are profiled on the Border Wars show.

And we’ve seen a growing number of cars used in drug smuggling. Drugs aren’t simply stashed in the trunk.

Cartels are embedding them in the gas tanks, and hollow, manufactured walls, and linings in cars.

Great work by the border patrol and customs agents.

The L.A. Times’ Steve Lopez has a very touching story about a child actor, trying to make amends for his drugs use.

His special connection with Mexican mothers who lost their children in the drug violence south of the border is very touching.

A Family Affair went off the air decades ago, but John Whittaker’s face is very recognizable.

The fair haired former child star turned to drugs after several setbacks in his life.

And as Lopez reports, Whitaker has taken what he says is a small responsibility for the Mexican drug violence as he straddles the line between Mexican cartel supply, and American drug demands.

It’s a great read from one of the nation’s best journalists.

Federal Agents in Los Angeles arrested 17 people accused of participating in a drug ring that funneled cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine from Mexico into the United States.

Among the 17, according to the LA Times, a San Fernando Auto Repair owner and a taco stand owner, also from the valley.

These smuggling operations are present 24/7 and more drugs are being smuggled into America by the minute.

Shows like “Border Wars” show how drug cartels are pushing their product through into the United States.

Some stash their load in cars, hoping not to get caught at border checkpoints, while others run it across the border to people on the other side.

There is nobody to blame but the people using this stuff. If there wasn’t a demand, we wouldn’t see people risk their lives or their freedom to import drugs.

Authorities in Southern California have broken up a methamphetamine ring that funneled drugs and money to and from Mexico through the cities of Ontario and Pomona.

Authorities arrested 17 people early Thursday, and have charged a total of 27 people in connection with the drug ring.

The methamphetamine came into the country in liquid form by plane, cars, and boats. Gang members recrystallized the drugs at an Ontario home.

A U.S. Attorney associated with the case said that dealers will selling several pounds of meth per day, at a profit of $9,000 per pound.

Numerous other suspects are still on the loose, but authorities believe they made a dent in this operation.

We like to bring you articles about the drug trends happening in this country, whether it’s the hot new substance for teens, the big drug bust, or communities dealing with an epidemic.

There’s a great article on the Huffington Post about the drug crisis in America, and how nearly everyone in this country, from politician to parent, is pointing the finger at Mexico.

This is a good read especially as the political season hits full stride. Both campaigns will talk about tightening borders and reinforcing the war on drugs.

But as citizens and parents, we need to clean up our act, and make sure our kids stay clean.

Here is the link to Don Winslow’s article.

Remember, the best way to keep your kids from becoming an addict is to have frequent talks with them about the dangers of drugs, and to use valuable resources like the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit was made for families. It was made to help busy moms and dad, working a full work day, detect the problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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Doggie Drug Bust!

Alert police work by a Pennsylvania officer and his four legged partner led to the arrest of two men and the discovery of nearly $12 million dollars in drugs.

The officer noticed the men looking suspicious Sunday, and pulled their big rig over for numerous violations in Bensalem, PA.

Inside, the K9 officer found methamphetamine and heroin in the cab’s sleeping compartment.

To hear more from the police on the bust, and see a photo of the stash, head to philly.com by clicking on this link.

Removing these drugs off the streets may have saved a life or two, and stopped a few cases of addiction before they started.

These drugs were headed to the Delaware Valley, and officers believed the narcotics came from Mexico.

Fortunately, the alert officers made the arrest before these drugs arrived at their destination.

For all of the people that argue that the drug war is a waste, you see that small busts like this can have a big impact on saving the people in a community.

We’ve seen some pretty crude tunnels created to transport drugs from Mexico into Arizona or California, but now law enforcement says that they’ve found one of the most sophisticated and extraordinary tunnels they’ve ever seen.


They say this isn’t just the work of diggers, this has the blueprints of engineer work.

The shafts descend 57 feet and are tall enough to allow a 6 foot man to walk through.

You can read about the discovery in the Los Angeles Times by clicking HERE.

Every one of these tunnels discovered cuts off another artery of drug smuggling. But you can bet as one is uncovered and filled, another several are being built.

Agents don’t know how much drugs were moved through this tunnel but the discovery was made in a recent bust where $39 million dollars of methamphetamine was confiscated.

These cartels aren’t just moving marijuana into America. They are sending in cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

We know we will never cut off the supply of drugs reaching our neighborhoods, which is why it is important that parents talk to their teens about the dangers of drugs.

The L.A. Times is reporting that the border patrol has found another one of those underground tunnels from Mexico into San Diego.

The tunnel appeared to be complex, spanning 1800 feet, and containing both a ventilation and rail system.   They also seized 20-million tons of marijuana in a connecting warehouse.  The bust was made in Otay Mesa.

There seems to be some Irony that the border patrol would make an enormous bust, hours after Prop 19 was defeated.   Essentially, the marijuana would have been legal had the measure passed.   Of course, no supply of that magnitude would ever be considered legal.   That wouldn’t be the personal stash for the community of Otay Mesa alone.

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The seizure of these drugs, will not keep them off the streets and out of the hands of teenagers.   Parents need to maintain close relationships with their teens, to make sure they are not using any illegal substances.    Only vigilance will ensure your child’s safety.

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