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In trying to deliver the message that drugs are all around our children, in our schools, and infiltrated within our community, Teensavers find many who refuse to believe substance abuse could affect their family.


Celebrities are certainly highlighting that substance abuse remains prevalent in society.

According to TMZ, Demi Moore is the latest celebrity to have a substance related health crisis.   Showing photos of Moore’s daughter Rumer pacing outside the hospital, TMZ reports that paramedics took Moore to the hospital Monday night.   TMZ’s latest report is that Moore is seeking professional assistance for her ailments.

Another Demi, who has already battled drug problems, Demi Lovato, could be headed back to rehab again.   Online gossip writer Perez Hilton originally reported that Lovato may have a hidden cocaine problem.   But in an online exclusive, Hilton says that Lovato’s reps told him, ““The story was fabricated. It is completely untrue.”

Thankfully, it appears Lovato is on the straight and narrow after getting her life back on track.

These two stories follow the Heather Locklear saga.   The actress also was hospitalized recently after a frantic 9-1-1 call.   TMZ reported that Locklear left the hospital in this story.   The rumor mill surrounding Locklear’s hospitalization was that the actress and a dangerous mixture of alcohol and pills in her system.   Of course, nobody with Locklear’s camp has confirmed this.

It’s tragic to see anyone battle substance abuse.   Unfortunately, the celebrities who do have issues, are glamorized by internet sites.   Maybe we need more celebrities to come out and warn kids about the dangers of drugs.   Children look up to these celebrities and maybe their anti-drug message could help keep kids off of drugs.

Melissa Gilbert openly discussed how drugs ravaged her family when she joined up with the partnership.org.     It was refreshing to hear her reveal that, as a parent, she had little idea her children could be using.   You can read an online interview from Gilbert here.

On the heels of our earlier report that Melissa Gilbert was speaking out about teen and family drug issues as the new spokesperson for The Partnership of Drugfree.org, we have another celebrity sharing their personal story.   Amanda Beard, US Olympic swimming phenom and gold medalist is going to share her stories of growing up a drug and alcohol user.    Beard, who also suffered from eating disorders, will reveal the intimate and dark part of her life in a new memoir that she is writing.    It is called In the water They can’t see you cry.

Beard, who seemingly has always had a smile on her face, says the memoir is more about helping others, than satisfying her own need to tell her story.  Beard has said in recent interviews that she hopes the memoir “will help others, especially high school and college-aged women, who may be dealing with some of the same issues.”    It will be interesting to see if she was a drug and alcohol user around the time she was training for both the 1996 Olympic Games and the 2004 Olympic Games.

Each time a celebrity comes forward with their admission of  drug use, it further dispels the silly myth that some believe that drug and alcohol use is only prevalent in bad neighborhoods, with bad teens, in low income families.   Beard is an example of someone who grew up in a great community with good parents.    But even in the best communities, there is heavy drinking and drug use by students in high school and college.   Even in the best communities, home drug testing is needed.   Lets hope her memoir helps out teen females recognize that lifestyle is not one to follow.

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Melissa Gilbert‘s celebrity power may not reach teens.   After all, it’s been a long time since she was a teen star, and she’s no longer the Olsen Twins, Lindsay Lohan, or Demi Lovato of her day.    But that’s OK.    Gilbert, the new spokesperson for The partnership at drugfree.org, isn’t trying to share her message of sobriety with teens.    She’s reaching out to people her own age.

AOL contributor David Moye profiled Gilbert and her new mission; educating parents on teen drug use.   You can see all of David’s article on AOL, right here. Gilbert opens up with her family’s struggles.   She talks about one of her teen’s severe battle with drug use.    This is the type of role model parents need today.    Parents think they can recognize the sign of a teen’s drug use, but they can’t until it’s too late.

Gilbert’s best and most poignant quote to Moye, “”So, I just came to this epiphany that I had this kid who was addicted to cocaine and none of us had a clue, and if we were clueless, imagine how many other parents are clueless.”   Gilbert’s position as the spokesperson for The Partnership is a welcome sign to addiction counselors and treatment specialists.

Tim Chapman, founder of the Chapman House rehab more than 30 years ago, says this is the positive role model parents need.   “Sometimes parents have to stop and say, “gee, if this could happen to Melissa Gilbert’s children, this could happen to my kids.””   Chapman applauds Gilbert’s active role in educating parents.   “Schools are educating kids.  We (counselors) are educating kids.   Sadly, parents are not educating their kids.   Adults sometimes believe that it’s a given that kids just know that drugs are bad.   If it takes a celebrity to preach what I’ve been preaching for thirty years, I am all for it.   My stance has always been that if you educating parents, you keep the family drug free.”

Chapman recommends that parents utilize Teensavers home drug tests to help keep their kids in check.   “I’ve heard all of the possible arguments from both parents and teens why the drug tests shouldn’t be in the home,” says Chapman.   “I tell every single one of them that there is no stronger argument for them, than a funeral for a child.”

Chapman’s words ring true from thousands of families who have lost a child to drug use.    Testing for drugs isn’t invasive or breaking a family bond.   Home drug testing can bring a family closer together.