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It’s a tragic story that keeps being relived across America.

Teens and young adults dying from drug use, and it’s not the common place drugs.

There’s a lot of concern over synthetic drugs.

The latest was Saturday night, as a gesture of gratitude turned into a grave situation almost immediately.

According to the Times Picayune’s nola.com a veteran of drug taking and music festivals at the age of 21, died after taking a single drop of a new synthetic drug 2E-I.

Clayton Otwell’s companion told police that the two traveled the country attending music festivals and using alcohol and drugs. His most recent stop was City Park, Louisiana.

But after Otwell found a man’s cell phone, the man offered Otwell a dose of the synthetic drug as a token of gratitude.

It turned out to be a fatal mistake.

According to the paper, the man put one droplet of the drug in Otwell’s noise. He immediately showed signs of an adverse reaction, babbling incoherently.

Despite rushing him to the medical tent within minutes, Otwell was unconscious by 30 minutes. A short time later he was on life support.

Doctors took him off life support Tuesday.

Otwell was not the only one to be treated at the festival for a reaction to 2E-I, but he was the only person killed by.

Festival goers told reporter Naomi Martin, that numerous people were offering the drug as a synthetic LSD or mescaline.

A DEA spokeperson told the paper that the drug, sometimes called “N-Bomb” for its chemical composition 25I-NBOMe.

Drug Enforcement Administration considers analogous to LSD and therefore illegal in all 50 states.

There is a lot more to this story on the nola.com website.
Please read about the hospital’s reaction to these cases, which were unfamiliar with them, plus more from the concert goers who said that attendees are basically guinea pigs.

An employee at a fast food restaurant in Slidell, Louisiana was serving more than onion rings.

Authorities say he was operating a heroin ring through the drive thru.

The work was one of 14 people arrested in the community in a round up of people connected to heroin activity.

Slidell police released these mug shots of the people arrested. They say that James Davis was the only person involved in the fast food drug sales. No other employees were connected to the crime.
The rest of the people were arrested after officers took in tips from the public.

They are still trying to figure out who the main source of the heroin was.