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This is a story that can open the eyes of most families.  

There’s a common misconception that addicts are lowlifes, people who never had a future, or the stereotypical poor minorities.

But drug addiction strikes all genders, races, religions, cultures, and breaks through economic barriers like you cannot imagine.

Case in point: The death of heiress Eva Rausing in London, England.

The Evening Standard had an in-depth look at Rausing’s life and struggles with addiction, from the time she was a student in California all the way to her final days.

The paper gives this chilling account from Mrs. Rausing before her death,

The MySpace posts by the 48-year-old mother of four, found dead on Monday from a suspected drugs overdose, give a tragic insight into how she battled for than 20 years to give up cocaine, heroin and crack and has been on a downward spiral since before her arrest trying to take drugs into the US Embassy in London in 2008.

Describing how she felt “in a deep hole” she said: “I don’t work, but probably should. Or at least think of a constructive way of using my time, enlarging my life.”

This is a woman who lived in a $80 million home. She was a mother of four. She hobnobbed with Prince Charles. But behind all of the glamour and wealth, was a dark side. Both she and her husband, who is now under arrest, spent more than two decades battling drug addiction for cocaine, crack, and heroin.

In the end, Eva Rausing died of what may be an overdose. Her husband, perhaps suffered a mental breakdown, lived in the home for a week with his wife’s corpse.

Detectives aren’t sure what to make of the case. They have characterized her death as “unexplained” while they wait for toxicology reports. It appears the two lived the last several months as ghostly figures. He is now hospitalized for drug related issues while authorities try to make sense of what happened.

So you have a couple who stood to inherit a billion dollars in family fortune and they succumb to the same drug addiction a high school drop out living on the streets does.

Drug addiction does not discriminate.

Parents who think that they are too wealthy, or too educated, or too close-knit to have an addict in their home better open their eyes.

Great families, with wonderful parents and tremendous love inside the home still battle addictions. Addiction is a disease. Like cancer, if caught early enough, it can be treated.

But thinking that it won’t happen to your child is the first mistake you can make.

Great Britain’s Daily Mail reports that 2 clubgoers have died, and numerous others are sick after ingesting ecstasy at a popular dance club.

It happened at Alexandra Palace in North London.   Scotland Yard believes all of the victims may have taken the same bath of ecstasy, or MDMA.     Now authorities are reaching out to the 20,000 attendees to find more potential victims.

The newspaper reported that there is a new surge abroad and here in the United States in which users ingest the drug in a powder form, instead of the traditional tablet.    Users have reported falling ill to heat stroke, dehydration, and heart failure.

After the two men, ages 20 and 21, died, a third victim was put in intensive care.   His condition is reported as serious but stable.

Final toxicology reports have not been released, but all signs are pointing officers to a mass ecstasy overdose.   If the test reveal MDMA, it is quite possible that the batch that was sold or distributed amongst those concert-goers was tainted or contaminated.





Sadly, it comes as no surprise hearing the news over the weekend of
Amy Winehouse’s death.   Her mother had predicted it.   Her father
resigned to the fact that she was slowly killing herself.   Regardless
of her actual cause of death (at the latest hour no drugs were found
inside the home), Winehouse punished her body with toxicity.

what to write today, since I didn’t want to be an immediate basher of
the recently departed, I couldn’t really top an article I had read.
Chris Willman posed the question, “Could Amy Winehouse have been saved?”

When a user will not listen to parents, siblings, the love of their life, a mentor, or strangers who will they listen to?

of rehashing what’s been said all over the globe, I offer you a good
read about the sometimes helplessness in fighting an addict.