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Marijuana legalization is a topic that has been bantered about back and forth for decades.

But the issue has never been hotter than since Colorado and Washington states’ voters approved marijuana legalization initiatives.

And while the federal government in America has kept silent about the laws, and a possible national relaxation of the marijuana laws, many other political leaders in North, Central, and South America have vocalized support for a change in the laws.

The feeling is not the same in the great white north.

I don’t see Canada going down that road,” Toronto Police Staff-Insp. Randy Franks told QMI Agency recently when asked about the possibility of legalizing marijuana.

“It’s not something I would want our city, or our country, to be known for,” he said.

Franks leads the the drug squad in Toronto, a city where Controlled Drugs and Substances Act charges have more than doubled in the last decade despite all the talk of marijuana legalization.

But new political leadership could one day overrule the current mentality.

An Ipsos survey conducted last summer found 66% of Canadians support decriminalization of marijuana.

As stated here with the looming legalization in the two states. Marijuana needs to be kept out of the hands of children.

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Outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon is calling for an end to the drug war.

But President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has a different view. But a critical piece of the drug debate south of the border is now the legalization of marijuana in two states here.

Nieto sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to discuss the dilemma of being against the legalization of drugs, but seeing the potential economic windfall of controlling illicit substances.

What does it mean to Americans? Since most of the drugs imported into America funnel through Mexico, it’s quite a big deal.

But would legalizing drugs there end cartel activity? Would legalizing drugs here stop the flow of drugs in from Mexico, if we had legalized marijuana growth?

Millions of Americans are obsessed with marijuana, pot, weed, chronic, herb,  420.

Whatever you want to call it, millions of teens are also obsessed with it. They can’t wait to get home from school to smoke it, if they haven’t smoked it during school.

As the nation waits to see the ramifications of the new measures in Washington and Colorado that legalized marijuana, people ponder if the floodgates will open in other states.

If those two states see a boost in the budget, you can bet cash-strapped states will follow suit.

Why should we care if it is legalized if we don’t smoke? It could be because kids will have more access to it.

Kids can easily get their hands on alcohol. All it takes is an older sibling or friend. Kids attend parties already where massive liquor supplies exist.

Why would it be any different with weed?

Studies conflict whether marijuana is the gateway drug, alcohol is a gateway drug, both are, or neither are.

But one has been shown concretely is that marijuana use can damage a teen’s brain, when use is started at an early age, and continued through adulthood.

It may one day be the right thing for adults to try and use responsibly, but legal or not, marijuana is not a drug that should be abused as often as it is by children.

According to the a new survey from the California Office of Traffic Safety we are seeing a tilt in the balance of DUI cases showing that drugged driving may be more prevalent than drunk driving.

The studied showed that more drivers tested positive for drugs that may impair driving (14 percent) than did for alcohol (7.3 percent). Of the drugs, marijuana was most prevalent, at 7.4 percent, slightly more than alcohol.

I am not sure how these samples were analyzed, but at a recent prescription drug abuse conference in Fountain Valley, California, a member of the Orange County Crime Lab spoke about the testing of drunk vs. drugged drivers.

She indicated that drugged driving will always be underrepresented because if a driver is both using alcohol and drugs prior to arrest, the test will only screen for drugs when the driver is under .08. If a driver has an alcohol level of .08 or above, they are considered legally under the influence, and no drug information is sought.

If that level is less, then run a drug screen to see if there are additional factors that may be causing problems for drivers to put them under the influence.

As with medicinal marijuana, more people may be driving under the influence now.

Some people in Colorado and Washington, where the voters just legalized marijuana, have raised concerns of the potential increase in drugged driving.

Those laws will not take effect for a while, and the federal government has not indicated whether it will step in and overrule on those voter approved measures.


Children don’t have to go down a dark alley and deal with adult gang members to get their hands on marijuana or numerous other illicit drugs.

But that’s the image that most parents see.

Police officers in Dayton, Ohio have arrested a 14-year-old for bringing marijuana to school and planning to sell it.

The 8th grader attends Meadowdale PreK-8 School, but he spent Halloween at the Juvenile Justice Center.

School administrators called police after they noticed the boy had a big zip top bags with individual bags of marijuana inside.

Officers believe that the teen was trying to sell the drugs on campus, and that the boy had also smoked pot in the restroom.

This is a reminder that kids get their drug supply from other kids.

Kids are also getting pills from the medicine cabinet, and they will either abuse them, or sell them to another teen to abuse.


Parents, we need your help!

We have created a POLL P on our Facebook page.   If you’ve never been there, you should check it out.   It has all of the latest teen and drug news and stories.     Today we are asking parents if they are concerned about teens and drugs.

We would love for you to come and give us your two cents.   If you like what you see there, we’d love you to “like” our page!

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Thanks from the Teensavers Team.

As families, these are the times we cherish most.    The school year is winding down, and we are taking family trips to theme parks, or destinations by land, sea, or air.     Everyone appreciates the family spring break trip.    Most are fun, safe, and treasures to remember.   They typically do not end up like the Griswolds’ vacations.     While those mini disasters are fictional comedy for us to enjoy, there are serious concerns to remember during these vacations.

Teens with more free time are looking for things to do.  Unfortunately, drugs become one of the things they “play around with.”     Kids attend more parties during this time.    Teens bring more than alcohol to these parties.   Marijuana is abundantly plentiful.   It shows up in candy bars, brownies, and other baked goods.     Believe it or not, some teens think that marijuana is safer if it isn’t smoked.    The pot brownies start becoming more attractive.

It’s a good ideas to have a home drug test in the family home.    Parents can allow their teens to enjoy their spring break, with the understanding that the test will be there.

As more school crack down on prom drinking and drug use, parents should be more vigilant as well.    More school districts are utilizing breathalyzers at the dancers, to detect alcohol.   But what they won’t catch are the teens who just ate a big pot laced candy bar.     Kids will be higher than a kite at the dance, and then can continue their drinking at their hotel rooms.

Parents need to be vigilant in summer as well.   While teens often turn to drugs during the school year, as a way to cope, the summer is just an excuse to overuse.

California’s marijuana legalization supporters are taking their mission to a new state.    Colorado is now the new destination for the marijuana movement.   Supporters were at the University of Colorado recently to try to drum up support.     According to an article in the Denver Daily News, a group called SAFER (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation) is leading the charge.    This is not the first time the group has tried to get a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot.    They site a republican governorship on the stalling of marijuana legalization.    Legal or not, one thing is for sure; marijuana and all controlled substances need to be kept out of the hands of children.    If you suspect your loved one has a problem with any narcotic, head to MyteenSavers for help.

And for a complete read of the Denver Daily News’ article click here .

     Marijuana legalization advocates are claiming victory, despite the sound defeat of Prop 19.   With 100 precincts reporting, the NO votes scored a 54% advantage of the YES votes.  

     Already supporters of the prop are calling for the issue to return to the 2012 ballot.   They are also claiming a small victory.   The issue of marijuana legalization, once the topic of a small grassroots rally, now dominates the biggest headlines on the major media sites.   California’s media sources like the LA Times, OC Register, SF Chronicle, and other smaller papers have been running daily stories on Prop 19.   But other nationwide media sources have been commenting on the issue.   This morning, big write-ups could be found in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Rolling Stone.  

    The issue will smolder now as the federal government keeps a close eye on this, and the growing number of states enacting medicinal marijuana laws.   The Obama administration has already said it would come down on any state that legalizes pot.    But the White House said that once before regarding medicinal marijuana, where it can now be found in many states.  

    The biggest issue is keeping pot, alcohol, and any other drugs out of the hands of teens.   With a rise in teen narcotics use, it is important for parents to maintain a continual dialogue with their teens.   Home drug testing kits are an option for parents who want to feel secure about their children.

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We are hours away from hearing the absentee totals in this 2010 election.    Most notable in CaliforniaProp 19.   The marijuana initiative has been hotly contested and many big name backers have supported the pro pot prop.   But numerous polls leading up to the election had the prop losing by about 7 points.


Which way will it go?  Which way did you vote?

Do you have a marijuana problem?   Does your teen?   More teens are using not just pot, but many other pills and substances.   Be positive about your teen by making them test negative.

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