Great Britain’s Daily Mail reports that 2 clubgoers have died, and numerous others are sick after ingesting ecstasy at a popular dance club.

It happened at Alexandra Palace in North London.   Scotland Yard believes all of the victims may have taken the same bath of ecstasy, or MDMA.     Now authorities are reaching out to the 20,000 attendees to find more potential victims.

The newspaper reported that there is a new surge abroad and here in the United States in which users ingest the drug in a powder form, instead of the traditional tablet.    Users have reported falling ill to heat stroke, dehydration, and heart failure.

After the two men, ages 20 and 21, died, a third victim was put in intensive care.   His condition is reported as serious but stable.

Final toxicology reports have not been released, but all signs are pointing officers to a mass ecstasy overdose.   If the test reveal MDMA, it is quite possible that the batch that was sold or distributed amongst those concert-goers was tainted or contaminated.