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Tis the season to be shopping.

Walgreens.com is offering the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit at a discounted price, and now may be the best time to pick up a drug test for your teen.

Buying a drug test doesn’t mean that you ever have to use it.

But having one on hand may be a determining factor if your teen ever tries drugs. Having a Teensavers Kit at home arms parents with knowledge and kids with an excuse.

Parents empower their teens to say “I can’t try drugs. My parents drug test me.”

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We recommend a 7-panel for families as it is the best arrangement of drug screens based on treatment trends.

The 7-panel incorporates the best combination of illicit drugs and prescription drugs being abused by teens.

Whether their habit is just pot, or has ballooned into harder drugs like cocaine, meth, or ecstasy, or they are abusing prescription drugs thinking they are “legal medicines,” you are covered.

The nation is seeing a spike in prescription drug overdoses, and heroin use is exploding because opiate addicts are running out of pills and the money to pay for them.

With marijuana now legal in two states, kids have more access to marijuana.

Coast guard officers patrolling the Atlantic Ocean raked in nearly $55 million dollars in cocaine at Port Canaveral, Florida.

They made the 75-bale find as drug smugglers fled from pursuing officers.

The floating stash weighed more than 5,000 pounds.

Officers aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Tampa made the seizure after a Canadian Maritime Patrol Aircraft operating in the area alerted them.

The drug smugglers got away, but they left a very valuable find behind.

It’s good to see that 2.6 tons of cocaine will not hit the streets of America.

As the Coast Guard mourns the loss of an officer who died during an attack from marijuana smugglers, they are still continuing their fight to stop drug trafficking into America.

Authorities smashed up a multi-million dollar cocaine ring that sent drugs from the Big Apple north to upstate communities.

Cocaine still thrives in communities. Get the test that detects cocaine use. The 3-panel Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit at Rite Aid

State Attorney General Eric Scheiderman announced that 39 people are charged in connection with today’s early morning raids in Cortland, Syracuse and New York City.

The amount of cocaine seized during today’s arrests had a street value of $1 million dollars.

The investigation was underway for nearly a year.

It’s great to see law enforcement act on tips and flush out these drug dealers.

There are numerous drug connections that are cutoff for people seeking cocaine in those communities.

Ultimately, some of those drugs likely fell into the hands of kids!

Great work by authorities in New York!

An Arizona pastor could spend some time behind bars, after officers busted him for selling drugs.   The arrest can serve as a reminder to parents that even people with seemingly respectable careers and backgrounds can be involved in illegal activity.

According to KSEE24 News, Mark Derksen admitted to police that he served up to 30 clients a day.

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He admitted to giving away free drugs to convert people into customers.

Undercover deputies purchased drugs from Derksen, which wrapped up a two year investigation.

While executing a search warrant, officers found heroin, meth, Oxycontin, scales, and weapons in Derksen’s home.

He may seem like a small time player in the drug selling world, but his role as a religious figure is the type of trusted person that could introduce kids to drugs.

There’s no word on whether or not Derksen ever sold drugs to minors, but this can serve as a reminder to parents that drug dealers are typically not sinister looking men lurking in an alley somewhere.

They often are people who can be trustworthy, and have a responsible appearance.

Officers are used to piecing together drug “families,” networks of people involved in a trafficking ring.

In New Boston, Ohio, detectives managed to bust an entire family on suspicion of drug dealing.

They rounded up a dad, mom, two sons, and an uncle.  The five now face drug charges.

According to WSAZ’s newschannel 3, Five members of one family from Scioto County have been indicted, and are now behind bars.

A Scioto County Grand Jury indicted Ricky A. Grooms, 47, his common law spouse Dana Cattell, 43; their sons Ricky Grooms II, 25, and Ryan Grooms,22, along with the elder Grooms’ brother Roy Grooms,46.

New Boston Police arrested four of the five were yesterday. A fifth turned himself in after learning of the other arrests.

All five people will remain in the Scioto County Jail until they are arraigned in Scioto County common Pleas court.

Police say the family lived in an area buzzing with drug activity and they had been following up on complaints and tips regarding the illegal sales.

A new study from the University of Cincinnati is showing a potential connection between young stroke patients, and a history of alcohol, cigarette, and/or drug use.

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University researchers looked at over 1,000 patients. Their results appear in the journal Stroke.

Substance abuse is common in young adults experiencing a stroke,” wrote lead researcher Brett Kissela.

Many people associate strokes as a condition of the elderly but researchers now believe drug abuse or heavy drinking may put users at higher-than-average risk earlier in life.

Not only is the possibility of future strokes when a younger person has a life time of alcohol and/or drug abuse, but researchers believe they are seeing more immediate strokes with certain drug users.

In 2005, the most recent year covered, just over half of young adults who suffered a stroke were smokers at the time, and one in five used illicit drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. Thirteen percent of people had used drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of their stoke.

She wasn’t moving millions of dollars in illicit drugs, but a 32 year old Georgia woman will spend the next six months behind bars for pushing small packages of pills.

Kids are obtaining pills from these small type drug dealers. Teensavers is your extra set of eyes.

Undercover agents met Erica Kohl, and obtained 20 Oxycontin tablets during one encounter, and then busted her a second time at the same shopping mall for another 20 pills.

According to the Marietta Times, prosecutors established a sufficient case against a woman who was not keeping up with the court’s request for drug counseling and treatment.

Perhaps she didn’t take this case against her too seriously, but when the judge handed down the sentence, Kohl realized this meant not spending Christmas with her son this year.

As people get caught up with the money of drug dealing, they often lose sight of the consequences.

She will now have the next six months to think about how drug dealing is not the best career choice.

There’s no doubt parents will have a ton on their plates this week before they pack on the pounds form their Thanksgiving feasts this holiday weekend.

Help your kid say no! A drug test on the counter can influence them to make the right decision this weekend. That’s something to be thankful for!

Millions are preparing to travel today. Many millions more are prepping a Thanksgiving feast. Then there’s the countless people gearing up to wait in line over night and cash in on bargain sales Thursday and Friday.

Millions of teens are preparing too.

They’ve been spending days and weeks stocking up on liquor, marijuana, pills, and other illicit drugs for what is now known by some as “Black Wednesday.”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights for teen drinking and drug use.

It’s a 5 day weekend, or in some cases a mini vacation that lasts 7 days, as some school districts take the entire Thanksgiving week off.

In many states, agencies like the California Highway Patrol will beef up its’ presence on the roads for “maximum enforcement” against drinking and drugged driving.

There are increased sobriety checkpoints, and more officers are on the streets and highways looking for impaired drivers.

Bars will be packed tonight, and many under aged high school and college students will party with alcohol and/or drugs.

Teens who are subject to random drug tests at school know that they can use on a Wednesday night, and will likely test clean come Monday morning at school.

Most have done their research, and have discovered that drugs typically stay in a person’s system for up to 72 hours, when the drug use is highly infrequent.

That means if they parents aren’t testing their child Friday or Saturday, the traces of detectable drugs are long gone by Monday morning.

There are numerous sites where kids ask questions about drug detection. And those are just the kids who either face testing at school, or face testing on occasion by their parents at home.

Parents need to have conversations with their kids, and despite turning in early tonight because of all the food preparations tomorrow, make sure they are awake when their teens return home for the night.

It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of recipes and sales that are the focal point of this weekend, but perhaps parents need to remember what they are most thankful for; family. And some awareness and effort can help ensure that they are again thankful this holiday season in 2013.

Children don’t have to go down a dark alley and deal with adult gang members to get their hands on marijuana or numerous other illicit drugs.

But that’s the image that most parents see.

Police officers in Dayton, Ohio have arrested a 14-year-old for bringing marijuana to school and planning to sell it.

The 8th grader attends Meadowdale PreK-8 School, but he spent Halloween at the Juvenile Justice Center.

School administrators called police after they noticed the boy had a big zip top bags with individual bags of marijuana inside.

Officers believe that the teen was trying to sell the drugs on campus, and that the boy had also smoked pot in the restroom.

This is a reminder that kids get their drug supply from other kids.

Kids are also getting pills from the medicine cabinet, and they will either abuse them, or sell them to another teen to abuse.


Many people associate drug dealing and drug use with major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and Seattle to name a few.

But small towns and rural neighborhoods are also coping with problems ranging from prescription drug abuse, to methamphetamine production.

It’s manifesting in Missouri. It’s pumping in Pennsylvania. And it’s even violating Vermont.

Rutland, Vermont is has a population of about 16,000 people. But according to Vermont Public Radio, it also has a very serious problem with drugs.

Believe it or not, there are many parents who think that their city or community is safe from drugs.

Moms and dads, your home may not even be safe from drugs.

Your teen could have pot stashed in his/her room. They could be swiping your medications.

The parents who know for sure, are the proactive parents.

They talk with their teens, and they make sure, drugs are not in the house.

Parents cannot afford to be relaxed about teen drinking and drug use.

Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits can help detect experimentation before it becomes an addiction.

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