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Pharmacists and pharmacies are often the link to families for health information and reliable products. Consumers may read about products or hear about them from friends and loved ones, but it’s the pharmacists that can verify, educate, and ease the minds of shoppers.

Teensaver Diagnostics Inc, the creators of the latest generation of home drug test kits, is proud to offer The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit to individual pharmacies through McKesson Connect. We will be at booth #216 and can talk about the complete line of Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit, as well as anything else interesting. We’d love to get to know you.

Many people ask where they can find a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for their family.  We always tell them there are many retailers to choose from including their neighborhood Health Mart pharmacy.

If you are looking for a test kit to make sure your teen is drug free, call your neighborhood Health Mart pharmacy.

If they don’t have one on the shelf, they can order one for you and have it in the store within 24 hours.

Click here for a store nearest your neighborhood.