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It’s been six years, but actor Colin Farrel will tell you that it seems like yesterday.

The actor, and one time People’s Sexiest Man, spoke to Details Magazine about the importance of sobriety, when he became a father.

It’s always good to see role models speak out about alcohol and drug use, especially when we typically see the headlines of Hollywood’s A-listers bottoming out.

Here is the link to the article.

Many children aspire to live like a Hollywood star.

Sadly, teens every year are dying like one.

They share the same fate of succumbing to a prescription drug overdose

Forbes is the latest major media outlet to focus on the rising opiate problem, the 36,000 overdose related deaths in 2008.


This isn’t anything new to our readers. We highlight the information from SAMHSA studies and the Univeristy of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future surveys as the information is released.

But Forbes digs inside the number, and takes a look at famous faces who have shared the same fate as many teens and young adults.

Click here for the Forbes article and the story written by Melanie Haiken.

Hollywood’s celebrity circles certainly has it share of drug users.

Is Macauly Culkin one of them?

Today, a tabloid report is being circulated by legitimate news sources that the actor has a severe drug problem.

Anonymous sources say that the actor has nearly overdosed on his habit of heroin and oxycontin.

The National Enquirer reports that Culkin spends $6000 a month on drugs.

Hopefully these reports are bogus, like a lot of the material that these tabloids post.

Culkin has led an interesting life. After hitting it big with the Home Alone movies, and a dramatic appearance in “My Girl” Culkin has most stayed away from the silver screen.

Culkin has had some publicized drug problems in the past. According to Wikipedia:

On September 17, 2004, Culkin was arrested in Oklahoma City for the possession of 17.3 grams (0.61 oz) of marijuana and two controlled substances, 16.5 milligrams (0.25 grains) of Alprazolam and 32 milligrams (0.5 gr) of Clonazepam,[25] for which Culkin was briefly jailed but soon released on a $4,000 bond.[26][27] After being arraigned in court for misdemeanor drug offenses, he pleaded not guilty at the trial (October 15, 2004 to June 9, 2005), then later reversed the plea to guilty.

Culkin lives in New York and lives out of the spotlight. Many have attributed Culkin’s gaunt figure to drug use, but the actor certainly hasn’t discussed the public speculation.

It’s not uncommon for a month to go by without seeing a celebrity arrest or entrance into rehab for their apparent drug use.

Now, Jessica Biel is making news of a positive nature when it comes to drugs.

She says you won’t catch her partying til the wee hours with other A-listers. She says she heads for the hills when gatherings start getting too wild.

In a recent interview with The Sun newspaper, the 30-year-old actress said, “If there is a huge drug fest happening and everyone is getting it on in the bedroom, it is probably time to leave.”

She attributes her clean life to the fact that she got an early start at 14 years-old with a regular gig on “7th Heaven.”

“It was like having two families, my real one and the cast. My mom had me under curfew, so I was well known on TV at the same time as having to be back home early.”

Teensavers believes that Biel is the kind of Hollywood role model Hollywood needs. You don’t see her stumbling out of Hollywood clubs on TMZ.com. She’s the kind of star kids can look up to. She has had a career in the public eye for more than half her life, and she handles it by making responsible choices.

The actress is engaged to Justin Timberlake.


Oxycontin is powerful.   It’s a very strong narcotic when used legitimately and it is very glamorous to substance abusers.


Fox News recently ran a story on the celebrity obsession with Oxycontin.   You can read about it by clicking HERE.

And  while many would think that this is obsession is just a popular crazy
for Hollywood’s rich and famous, it is not.    Teens are using and
becoming hooked on Oxycontin and other opiates at alarming rates.   They
scrape together money to buy these pills.   They might also borrow, and
ultimately steal their way to another Oxy.   And when they can’t afford
to pay the $25-$40 price per pill, they turn to heroin.

Heroin is
also a strong substance, but is much cheaper than Oxy and more readily
available.    Soon, those kids who were hooked on Oxycontin, are now
hooked on heroin.

It doesn’t take much for a teen to get
hooked on these medications.  They are not scared to try these pills.
And once they like this high, they come back for more.

drug testing is a good way to keep your teen away from drugs.   Just
having a Teensavers home drug test around the house can help influence
your teen to say, “No. I can’t try that.  My parents drug test me.”
And using home drug tests can help ensure that they aren’t sneaking
medications into their system.    It is often difficult to detect when a
teen is using a pill.   Unlike marijuana or alcohol, there is no

Hollywood’s obsession with fashion certainly transcends
to the public.   They want to wear what Jennifer Aniston, Kim
Kardashian, or Justin Bieber are wearing.    Likewise, the public might
want to experience what Courtney Love, Heath Ledger, or Michael Jackson
once used.

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Drug using Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen is making the rounds with home drug tests, in an attempt to resume working, and prove that he is drug free. Sheen, referring to his home drug test as a “cop up in cup”, tested negative for drugs in a test given to him by RadarOnline. Teensavers Home Drug Test kit creator Steve Stahovich, wants Sheen to think of the test kits as more than police evidence collectors. “Charlie himself is proud to show that he tested clean. You would think that he would endorse a product like this, since the tests maintain his recent abstinence from drug use. We want teenagers to embrace this test and be proud that they are not using.” Sheen agreed to submit to a test for RadarOnlne executives, in the public showdown with “two and a half men” creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen is set for an ABC interview Monday night to discuss his drug use, and the fact that he wants to stay clean to continue taping his hit CBS show. Stahovich says that Sheen should want to constantly utilize the cups to show that he is no longer using. “Charlie should have one of these cups on hand at all times. There’s nothing better, once you’ve been branded a user, than testing clean. Everyone out there from family members to Hollywood are doubting that Charlie is drug free. But he has the perfect tool to show that he is currently abstaining from drug use. ”

Stahovich created the Teensavers Home Drug Test to help solve the family problem. He insists that drug use affects more than just the teen user. He maintains that drug use breaks down an entire family. Stahovich says, “You may have a son using. You then have a daughter lying to cover up her brother’s use. The mom refuses to admit that there’s a problem, so she makes excuses for why her son is withdrawn or is performing poorly in school. Then you have the father who is in denial, and puts work and other projects ahead of his son’s health. Families need to address the problem as a unit. The boy needs to admit to the drug use, and volunteer for home drug testing. The sister needs to encourage his sobriety. The mom needs to help with changing the boy’s environment to ensure that he stays drug free. The father needs to give the tests, and be present to help keep the son’s sobriety important.”
Stahovich hopes Sheen encourages other families to embrace the home drug testing. “Charlie may be taking an arrogant stance towards the test, but he’s taking it. People are questioning his drug use, and the best thing you can do to refute those accusations is to test clean. A home drug test really is a life saving cup.”

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