Parents should be preaching the dangers of drugs.   But there even may be a more urgent message to send teens.   That synthetic drugs could be deadlier.

Case in point: A 19 year old is dead, and 10 teens/young adults were sickened at a Minnesota party.  The group had ingested a synthetic ecstasy substance called 2C-E.    The powder can be obtained over the internet.

“Euphoria, hallucinations, they seemed to be out of it,” Captain Kerry Fenner told the Pioneer Press of the symptoms.   “You could definitely tell they were intoxicated on something. Some of them were in respiratory distress.”

The substance has a common street name of Izzy or Zoom.    America‘s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, says that this serves as a reminder to parents to keep their ears perked.    “Everyone knows you won’t hear a teen on his cellphone talking about heroin, cocaine, or ecstasy openly.   But you have these street names like Izzy, Zoom, and Slizzurp.   Parents need to listen what their kids are saying.   These slang terms can often be drug references.     When you hear a teen say something like, “we’re going to zoom into the party and pick up Izzy,” you may be hearing code for drug plans.”

This tragic event is a strong reminder to parents to communicate with their teenagers about the dangers of drugs.   Synthetic versions of marijuana and ecstasy are not safer than their dangerous counterparts.    Parents should also use home drug tests with their teens.