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British Prime Minister David Cameron discarded the notion that Great Britain may be embracing any type of drug decriminalization any time soon.

Cameron told the BBC, “Drugs use is coming down, the emphasis on treatment is absolutely right, and we need to continue with that to make sure we can really make a difference.”

You can read more about Cameron’s decision and how Portugal’s new drug efforts are making a difference by clicking HERE.

Teens looking for a high, can already access drugs from a nearby street corner.    It doesn’t matter which neighborhood.  Drugs are everywhere.    But now products manufactured for one purpose, are being misused as drugs.   First there was synthetic marijuana.   The DEA is finally cracking down on the 5 key components that make up Spice, K2, and other products used as a pot substitute.

Now a new product that has caused chaos and deaths in Great Britain, is hitting store shelves in America.   Teens are buying bath salts under the name Ivory Wave, and using it as a synthetic cocaine.   Fox2 in St. Louis did a piece on this craze.  You can see it here.

The key marking on this packaging as well as Spice and K2 is “Not for human consumption.”     This does not dissuade teens from trying these products.   In fact, these products are easier to obtain.   Kids can walk into headshops and get the synthetic marijuana products.     If you  have concerns about these products, contact myteensavers by clicking here.

Watch Fox2’s report: