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A test to detect teen marijuana use in 3-minutes? Your nose doesn’t know. Teensavers does!

Outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon is calling for an end to the drug war.

But President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has a different view. But a critical piece of the drug debate south of the border is now the legalization of marijuana in two states here.

Nieto sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to discuss the dilemma of being against the legalization of drugs, but seeing the potential economic windfall of controlling illicit substances.

What does it mean to Americans? Since most of the drugs imported into America funnel through Mexico, it’s quite a big deal.

But would legalizing drugs there end cartel activity? Would legalizing drugs here stop the flow of drugs in from Mexico, if we had legalized marijuana growth?

Millions of Americans are obsessed with marijuana, pot, weed, chronic, herb,  420.

Whatever you want to call it, millions of teens are also obsessed with it. They can’t wait to get home from school to smoke it, if they haven’t smoked it during school.

As the nation waits to see the ramifications of the new measures in Washington and Colorado that legalized marijuana, people ponder if the floodgates will open in other states.

If those two states see a boost in the budget, you can bet cash-strapped states will follow suit.

Why should we care if it is legalized if we don’t smoke? It could be because kids will have more access to it.

Kids can easily get their hands on alcohol. All it takes is an older sibling or friend. Kids attend parties already where massive liquor supplies exist.

Why would it be any different with weed?

Studies conflict whether marijuana is the gateway drug, alcohol is a gateway drug, both are, or neither are.

But one has been shown concretely is that marijuana use can damage a teen’s brain, when use is started at an early age, and continued through adulthood.

It may one day be the right thing for adults to try and use responsibly, but legal or not, marijuana is not a drug that should be abused as often as it is by children.

If intelligent world leaders say that the recent voter-approved marijuana initiatives in Washington and Colorado hampers the war against drugs, what could our kids be thinking?

Simple 3-minute test can detect teen marijuana use, and saliva tests do not work.

Since the two states’ voters approved the laws last week, many countries have spoken out.

Among the most critical are leaders in Latin America. Many of these world leaders have been in a unified fight against drugs, despite the fact that people in their countries are the main producers of these narcotics.

A lot of our marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, is imported through Mexico, either from that country, or countries like Colombia and Ecuador.

Now Mexican President Felipe Calderon is telling America “practice what you preach.”

He is joined by other leaders from Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica in asking the United Nations’ General Assembly to hold a special session on drugs by 2015.

We will leave the world leaders to debate the issue, but the real concern day to day and from community to community is what do we tell our kids.

Already the Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett is dropping cases against people with marijuana violations after the passage of Amendment 64

Already on Twitter kids are asking about how the laws in Colorado and Washington affect them.

There are thousands of these posts. And while the substances may be legal in those states, parents need to remind their teens that marijuana is still damaging to the developing brain of a teenager.

Studies have shown the harmful effects of teen marijuana use.

Has it killed anyone? No.

However, it can have long-term negative impact on the brain.

And even though marijuana is only legal for people older than 21, we see in every state how easy it is for kids to gain access to to alcohol.

Parents need to be vigilant and have frequent conversations with kids.