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If you watch the show Rehab with Dr. Drew, you may have just watched the season finale. ¬† If you haven’t, I recommend you buy it on itunes.

And while there were ups and downs and the constant turmoil associated with addiction, the best part of the show was the end.

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Dr. Drew revealed that 6 months after the taping, every single one of the patients were still clean and sober.

While some may criticize this type of show of glamorizing drug use and exploiting sick people, we feel that the show really shows the scope of addiction.

People are able to get a better understanding of the disease.

Many of these people were extremely sick when they entered the Pasadena Recovery Center.

But through time they made their way through the illness to learn what keeps them sober.

The work of the professionals on the show is exceptional. Bob Forrest really works with Dr. Drew as a 1-2 punch to get control of people and their disease.

If you’ve never seen the show, or you dismissed it because you thought it was just the latest group of celebrity misfits, I suggest you watch this most reason season with regular people.

They represent the face of the young American drug culture.


Celebrity website¬†TMZ.com is reporting that Real World cast member Joey Kovar, who also had a stint on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” has died.

The website reports that family members believe Kovar’s death was drug related.

Kovar had a long history of drug abuse.

He left mid-season of the “Real World: Hollywood” to seek treatment for his drug problems.

Kovar appealed to Dr. Drew for help with cocaine and ecstasy.

Teensavers’ hearts go out to the Kovar family for their loss.

Addiction is very powerful. Stopping it is difficult once full-blown.

Discovering the problem before it becomes an addiction is crucial.

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