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There’s a new machine that’s dispensing marijuana. It’s not the first time we’ve seen machines like this. CBS News in LA ran a story about a machine in 2008.

But it’s aimed at making marijuana available for patients 24 hours a day. So when the regulated dispensary closes at 9pm or whatever, its’ customers can continue to buy around the clock.

But who is watching the buyers? Sure there’s a fingerprint system and a cameras, but how do sellers know that a legitimate patient isn’t buying an ounce with the intention of providing it to his teenaged buddies standing right next to him. He may not be that much of a smoker, so he may only need an 1/8 ounce. That’s 7/8 left for the teens, who would probably gladly cover the costs of the cannabis.

In a glance at some of the stories surrounding this, customers are reporting that the marijuana isn’t as fresh, so maybe like the ones that debuted 4 years ago, they will not be very popular.

But the big concern is teenagers getting their hand on marijuana.

To see video of the machine, you can check out the story on the OC Register by clicking here.

Medical Marijuana is quite popular in California. People brag about having their cards, and the marijuana culture, especially in Southern California, is quite prevalent. Legality aside, the big problem is when the marijuana gets into the hands of teenagers.


The Irvine Police Department watched this go down first hand this week. A 19-year old woman walked into a Costa Mesa dispensary, ordered up her medicine, and walked out the door. But she didn’t go home to have her medicine. She made a couple of pit stops first.

Detectives say she first stopped and sold the marijuana to two adults in Irvine, before meeting a teenager at a gas station to sell him some of her supply. The detectives swooped in and arrested Yvette Ordaz, seen below (Source: Irvine Police Department Press Release.)

Now, here’s where readers need to not come unglued. These following statements are not about adults who have a legal right to use dispensaries for marijuana. These statements are about children getting their hands on pot.

The State of California should make the penalties stiffer for sharing medicinal marijuana, especially when the recipient is a minor. California voters authorized medicinal marijuana, and for the users abiding by the legal limitations have the right to smoke it privately. But approval for medical marijuana was not an authorization for teenagers to have a frequent supply of marijuana delivered to them.

Kids should not have this kind of access to drugs. Thankfully, someone tipped the police off to these drug deals. A drug dealer is a drug dealer is a drug dealer.