Drug abuse and drug related deaths can strike any family at any time.

There’s no specific age, gender, race, or amount of money in your bank account to determine whether you will abuse drugs or overdose.

Nobody is immune.

Parents are speaking out after their daughter’s ecstasy related death in England.

They say their daughter died, trying to impress a boy, and that peer pressure is overwhelming our children.

They also said, it’s incredibly ease for kids to obtain drugs. Anyone will sell to them, as long as the buyer has money.

In a statement obtained by the Telegraph, Diana and Kenny Harding said, “You need ID for cigarettes and alcohol. Drug dealers don’t ask for ID. They don’t care how old you are. It’s too easy for teenagers to get hold of drugs. Drugs are everywhere and somebody will always know somebody who will sell you some.”

Parents need to educate their teens about drug use. The parents of Serena Harding were anti-drug counselors. While they had always preached an anti-drug message, they believe it fell on deaf ears because their daughter would go to any depths to impress the boy she liked.

The Hardings added, “We believe Serena got out of her depth and gave in to peer pressure. Every day we ask ourselves `how can this be?’ Serena filled all our hearts; she was so loving and caring and was sometimes wise beyond her almost 17 years. The tears we cry everyday are futile because she will never come home again.”

It’s important parents reinforce their message and be very active in their childrens’ lives.