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The Teensavers Team was in San Diego, California this weekend, at the beautiful Del Mar Fairgrounds talking with parents about the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.

Thousands of parents streamed through the San Diego Kids Fair and Expo Saturday and Sunday.

America’ Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman spoke before a packed audience, and discussed adolescent behavior and substance abuse issues.

Many parents had questions about their kids, ranging from an uninspired 20 year old adult pot smoker, to a 11 year old who appears to be using narcotics.

Families were given free drug tests, and they were also given a a copy of Chapman’s book on parenting.

Parents asked about the Teensavers accuracy, which drugs are tested, and how the Teensavers program provides more than just a positive or negative result.

To learn more about the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit, click HERE.

To learn more about America’s Parenting Coach, and his treatment programs, click HERE.

Teensaver Diagnostics, the creators of the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit is proud to announce that the Teensavers Team will be an exhibitor at the San Diego Kids Fair and Expo on October 20th and 21st at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


The San Diego Kids Fair and Expo is the premiere event for families in Southern California. Families can enjoy entertainment, rides, games, and activities.. There are also numerous exhibitors providing health and wellness information for families attending the event.

“We want people to ask us the questions that they may not be comfortable asking their pharmacist or the people that they are close with in the community,” says Teensaver Diagnostics President Steve Stahovich. “Most parents have questions about drugs and drug use, but they are afraid to ask.”

Stahovich’s experience running treatment centers led him to this passion of creating a comprehensive home drug test kit for families. “I’ve seen the heartbreak on people’s faces. They think their teen is only a recreational marijuana user, but then they find out their kid is a full blow heroin addict.”

Teensavers currently has five different home drug tests for families, ranging from a 1-panel marijuana only test, to its’ 12-panel test, the most comprehensive test on the market.

Stahovich says the key for parents is to look beyond a witch hunt for marijuana use. “When a teen is confronted about his/her drug use, they will say anything to hide their habit, which includes to confessing to being addicted to a lesser drug. I’ve seen teen heroin addicts come in to rehab, with their parents thinking the problem is marijuana or alcohol. But then we conducted the drug tests and found that the patient’s opiate levels were through the roof.”

The San Diego Kids Fair and Expo is an important event to raise awareness for hard working families. With parents working longer hours, and commuting further to and from work, children have ample time to experiment.

The Teensavers Home Drug Kits are only one of three FDA cleared for over-the-counter sales tests in America. Many of the tests found in dollar stores and on the internet are unregulated and the science behind the tests can be very unreliable. The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit not only carries the strictest drug detection levels, but the kit also includes free laboratory confirmation, parental support guide, and access to assistance via a free 24/7 supported phone support hotline.

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits are currently sold in Rite Aid and Albertson’s Stores in Southern California, and are available online on Walgreens.com, CVS.com, the Drugstore.com, Amazon.com and through the Teensavers website at http://www.myteensavers.com.

More information can be found online at http://www.myteensavers.com