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It seems silly that vanity would be the main reason to stop a teen from trying drugs.

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But if that’s what it takes, fantastic!

Every once in a while, an anti-drug campaign will release a so-called “faces of meth” poster with some shocking transformations.

The Daily Mail found the latest campaign from rehabs.com.

It’s enough to scare a kid away from methamphetamine!

faces of meth

It’s not going to make it’s way to your typical neighborhood drug dealer, but that didn’t stop the UK’s Daily Mail from writing an in depth piece on a new drug in Colombia.

It’s called Devil’s Breath, or by it’s traditional name Scopalomine. It comes from the borrachero plant in South America.

As explained in the article, it can be blown into the face of an unsuspecting person, and it leaves them acting like a zombie.

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