Unless you’re at an anti-drug rally, or you’re sitting in a room getting high with a group, you very rarely get two people in the room completely agree with each other on the topic of drugs.

Some say, legalize marijuana, and crack down on the rest of the illicit drugs. Others say the current ban is not enough, and alcohol should be banned once again. There are also those who feel that the war on drugs is a loss and everything should be legalized.

Today drug dealers are speaking out against crack cocaine. The people who push product in Rio de Janeiro say they won’t sell it.

Brazilian police in the region take credit for stopping the sale of crack, but drug kingpins say that it was their decision to stop producing the drug.

They say it destabilizes the neighborhoods there.

You can read about it here at Fox Latino.

It’s interesting that dealers would decide that one drug destroys a community over others.

When it comes to teen drug use, it doesn’t matter where and what teens are using.

Drugs are bad for our youth, period.

I’m sure in regions where families make very little money, they accept that their children are involved in the drug trade. If those machine-gun toting kids are bringing home 10 times the family’s income, it puts food on the table, right?

Unfortunately, you have teens here in America that are making money hand over fist selling drugs. Most recently authorities busted a teen in Ohio for running a 3-million dollar operation. He and his student “lieutenants” were turning $20,000 a month in marijuana deals.

Kids need to know that all drugs are bad. Parents need to extend the message.