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Outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon is calling for an end to the drug war.

But President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has a different view. But a critical piece of the drug debate south of the border is now the legalization of marijuana in two states here.

Nieto sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to discuss the dilemma of being against the legalization of drugs, but seeing the potential economic windfall of controlling illicit substances.

What does it mean to Americans? Since most of the drugs imported into America funnel through Mexico, it’s quite a big deal.

But would legalizing drugs there end cartel activity? Would legalizing drugs here stop the flow of drugs in from Mexico, if we had legalized marijuana growth?

Millions of Americans are obsessed with marijuana, pot, weed, chronic, herb,  420.

Whatever you want to call it, millions of teens are also obsessed with it. They can’t wait to get home from school to smoke it, if they haven’t smoked it during school.

As the nation waits to see the ramifications of the new measures in Washington and Colorado that legalized marijuana, people ponder if the floodgates will open in other states.

If those two states see a boost in the budget, you can bet cash-strapped states will follow suit.

Why should we care if it is legalized if we don’t smoke? It could be because kids will have more access to it.

Kids can easily get their hands on alcohol. All it takes is an older sibling or friend. Kids attend parties already where massive liquor supplies exist.

Why would it be any different with weed?

Studies conflict whether marijuana is the gateway drug, alcohol is a gateway drug, both are, or neither are.

But one has been shown concretely is that marijuana use can damage a teen’s brain, when use is started at an early age, and continued through adulthood.

It may one day be the right thing for adults to try and use responsibly, but legal or not, marijuana is not a drug that should be abused as often as it is by children.

The stories are heart wrenching; young people dying from prescription drug abuse in America.

Many take the downward spiral from recreational pill use towards heroin, and they lose their lives that way.

Teen drug use can be detected with one 3-minute family kit.

CNN, in a story today about the pill problem plaguing this country, opens its’ story about Emily, a girl who died after taking Oxycontin the first time.

Earlier that day, she had attended her uncle’s funeral. That night, she and her cousins drank alcohol, and she mixed in one of her late uncle’s Oxycontin pills.

That’s all it took. No, history of experimentation. No addiction. One recreational use took her life.

CNN examines why so many people loses their lives accidentally to prescription drug misuse.

You can read that article by clicking HERE.

Since the so-called zombie attack in Florida last week people have been scouring the internet looking to read up on bath salts.


The drugs, a chemical combination, disguised as everyday products, can be lethal.

What are bath salts: Here is a quick synopsis from WebMD:

Citing an “imminent threat to public safety,” the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made illegal the possession and sale of three of the chemicals commonly used to make bath salts — the synthetic stimulants mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. The ban, issued in October 2011, is effective for at least a year. During that time, the agency will decide whether a permanent ban is warranted.

Of course, we know that the creators of these products continually change the chemical contents to get around the ban.

We also know that marking them “not intended for human consumption” is exactly what a drug seeker is looking for. It absolves the creators from responsibility, and it alerts drug users to their toxicity.

So since the attacks, every body has jumped online to read what bath salts are. Good, right? Well originally, it probably was a good thing, especially when it comes to parents who’ve never heard of these products. They are popular, and they are dangerous. And kids love them.

But now, it appears we’ve gone from an awareness period, to a period of curiosity. Are kids looking these things up because they want to feel those effects? We’ve seen new agencies from Fox News to Forbes cover the bath salts issue in the week since the face-eating attack.

But are clean teens or teens who smoke pot, now considering trying these hallucinogenic products?

The latest pieces of video making the rounds is a former addict who was featured on CNN. He not only described what using the products did to him, but CNN had footage of the guy mid-high, when he had nearly overdosed.

You can see that right HERE.

Bath salts are a serious problem. And the government has been unable to eliminate them from store shelves at gas stations and head shops.

Now that we’ve made nearly everyone in America aware of what they are, we need to come together to eliminate them, before kids start trying them.  They need to be eliminated, and not just a few hundred packs at a time.


CNN has a great article out this morning on its’ political ticker.

The most powerful information was on the last line:

Daily, 50 people in our nation die from unintentional prescription opioid overdoses and, daily, 20 times that number are admitted to hospital emergency departments for opioid overdoses,” said John Eadie, director of the Prescription Monitoring Program Center of Excellence at Brandeis University.

That’s a shocking number of deaths and illnesses because of the reckless use of pills.   A good portion of these victim are teens, who think there is little harm in taking a pill.   Of the millions who survive their pill usage, a good portion become addicted to opiates, and they turn to heroin.

Protect your child with a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.    You can get one clicking right HERE.

For the CNN article you can click HERE.

He’s making the media rounds.   In the last 24-hours, he’s appeared on The Today Show, 20-20, CNN, and even Howard Stern.     Charlie Sheen is flaunting his drug-free life and his mockery of rehab.     The last time we checked, rehab isn’t surrounding yourself with a hot former nanny and a former porn-star.   Clearly, Sheen’s father Martin, and brother Emilio Estevez are not impressed by Sheen’s newfound sobriety.      The father and brother of Charlie Sheen appeared on foreign television to talk about the pattern of Charlie’s behavior, and coping with the trouble-making headlines for decades.

If Sheen really embraced a sober life style, he’d get more help than sexcapdes with two women who are highly unqualified has rehab nurses.   Sheen needs to get constant counseling and medical help.   He appears as if he hasn’t slept for days, looking frail and ghostly on the television appearances.

While Sheen has taken the right first step, stopping his drug use, he needs to make an effort at changing his life permanently.    One home drug test and a lab directed blood test do not free him from years of poor behavior and poor choices.    Sheen needs to continue drug testing, and he needs to get help.

America may be awestruck by Sheen’s bravado and apparent turn of events, but hopefully there aren’t young men out there who wish to emulate the actor’s lifestyle.   Decades of partying do not end overnight.    Years of substance abuse is not flipped off with a switch.    Sheen can be credited for one thing, that’s highlighting home drug testing.    Now he should continue maintaining his sobriety, and continue his use of the tests.

At Teensavers, counselors advocate the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit for families to use.   Parents can test with their kids so that the teensagers do not feel singled out.   A drug free family is the healthiest environment for children.   It doesn’t do a family any good if a teen is clean and being tested, while the mom is taking Oxycontin or other prescription drugs.    Prescription drug abuse is a rising problem in America.   It is almost an epidemic.   Teens hooked on heroin typically say that they started using with the help of the family medicine cabinet.

If you know someone who has a drug problem, get them the help they need.   Visit Myteensavers.com or click here for information on home drug testing.    Your teens are precious.  Treat them preciously.

     Marijuana legalization advocates are claiming victory, despite the sound defeat of Prop 19.   With 100 precincts reporting, the NO votes scored a 54% advantage of the YES votes.  

     Already supporters of the prop are calling for the issue to return to the 2012 ballot.   They are also claiming a small victory.   The issue of marijuana legalization, once the topic of a small grassroots rally, now dominates the biggest headlines on the major media sites.   California’s media sources like the LA Times, OC Register, SF Chronicle, and other smaller papers have been running daily stories on Prop 19.   But other nationwide media sources have been commenting on the issue.   This morning, big write-ups could be found in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Rolling Stone.  

    The issue will smolder now as the federal government keeps a close eye on this, and the growing number of states enacting medicinal marijuana laws.   The Obama administration has already said it would come down on any state that legalizes pot.    But the White House said that once before regarding medicinal marijuana, where it can now be found in many states.  

    The biggest issue is keeping pot, alcohol, and any other drugs out of the hands of teens.   With a rise in teen narcotics use, it is important for parents to maintain a continual dialogue with their teens.   Home drug testing kits are an option for parents who want to feel secure about their children.

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