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President Obama signed a ban earlier this week on synthetic drugs.

Now Wired Science has done some research that shows, how the manufacturers of the products are already getting around the ban.

You can read about that by Clicking HERE.

There appears to be no real solution as to stop the manufacturing and sale of these products.


The federal government took another step towards eliminating synthetic drugs as President Obama signed a federal law Monday banning the sale of bath salts, synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs across the nation.

The new drug legislation aims at finally halting the sales of the deadly chemical compounds marketed and sold as bath salts and incense.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) hopes the move results in the complete elimination of the products.

“President Obama’s swift approval of this federal ban is the final nail in the coffin for the legal sale of bath salts in smoke shops and convenient stores in New York State and throughout the rest of the country,” Schumer said. “This law will close loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to circumvent local and state bans and ensure that you cannot simply cross state lines to find these deadly bath salts, and I’m pleased that after a great deal of effort, it has become law.”

But will the new man deter chemists from attempting to find alternate combinations?

Schumer’s legislation will specifically ban MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone) and mephedrone.

The chemical mimic the effects caused by cocaine and methamphetamine, including hallucinations, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts.

The law will make bath salts illegal in the U.S. by adding the active ingredients, MDPV and mephedrone, to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, which classifies drugs that are illegal and cannot be prescribed under any circumstances.

Along with MDPV and mephedrone, there are 29 other substances that Schumer’s bill bans, including 20 substances in synthetic marijuana and 9 synthetic hallucinogens.

Teensavers applauds Senator Schumer for pushing this bill to the President’s desk.

Only time will tell to see if the law is effective in ridding stores of these harmful products.





So Megapillions isn’t a word. If it were, I would make the description something like “the rapidly growing pill problem among the hundreds of millions of Americans.”

Many of you got here probably my misreading the title for “megamillions.”   After all, that’s what everyone wants to talk about, right?

I know. It’s not a sexy thing to talk about. Most Americans don’t fantasize, read up on, or concern themselves with the prescription drug problem in America.

The pill addiction isn’t as fun to talk about like the record breaking lottery jackpot that awaits someone or some people this Friday. Megamillions fever has caputred the countries attention. It’s fun to sit around with friends, family, and co-workers and talk about what you would do.

Let’s put it this way. The odds are REALLY stacked against you. Not just a toughy, it’s downright near impossible. Sure it happens. Someone right now is doing absolutely nothing, and making thousands of dollars a minute on the interest to their big win.

So to be cliche, lets take a look at some of those odds charts to see where winning the jackpot falls.
Odds of getting a hole in one: 5,000 to 1
Odds of getting canonized: 20,000,000 to 1
Odds of winning an Olympic medal: 662,000 to 1
Odds of drowning in a bathtub: 685,000 to 1 (we had one recently, so it’s going to be a while RIP Whitney Houston)
Odds of being killed sometime in the next year in a transportation accident: 77 to 1
Odds of being killed in any sort of non-transportation accident: 69 to 1
Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1

The list goes on and on. So what are the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot?

176,000,000 to 1.

That’s right. It’s not going to happen to 175,999,999 of you. Yet come Friday, it will likely be the top story in most news markets where the game is played, and it will certainly be the watercooler discussion this week if it already hasn’t been.

So why is that people don’t talk about the growing pill problem, where the odds are 3-1 that a teen may abuse prescription meds over the next year?

2.1 million people abuse pills each year. An addition 1 million kids ages 12-17 begin abusing pills. So you have 3.1 million pill abusers. If they just use 1 pill a month each, you’re looking at 37 million pills abused a year. If they misused medications once a week, those pill popping Americans will go through 161 million pills annually.

Very few people know about our pill problem, and those that know, don’t really want to talk about. Parents seem to think that just buy saying “drugs are bad” that’s an encompassing statement that will prohibit their children from trying anything.

It’s time we speak up and talk about this. You have some very vocal lawmakers like Senator Chuck Schumer from New York and Attorney General Jack Conway in Kentucky. Both are adamant about stomping out this epidemic.

Teensavers salutes Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2011.


Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) has introduced a three pronged plan to combat
prescription drug abuse.  The Senator introduced his plan at a New York

Schumer’s plan calls for:

  1. Added medical training for painkiller prescription and addiction training related to those medications.
  2. Stiffer penalties for thieves convicted of stealing painkillers.
  3. A new federal prescription tracking system that would cross state lines.

also believes that disallowing banks from accepting credit card
transactions from online pharmacies would have a similar effect as the
online gambling ban.

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/A-3-point-plan-to-battle-prescription-drug-abuse-1461817.php#ixzz1RuFZMHt1

truth is that many of these pills lead to a severe opiate addiction.   A
lot of these kids trying these pills turn to heroin, because it is a
better high at a cheaper cost to them.

Understanding prescription drug abuse is something many parents need to do.

Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit can help detect if your teen is using
drugs.  You can get one at Walgreens.com or by clicking HERE.