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Many people associate drug dealing and drug use with major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and Seattle to name a few.

But small towns and rural neighborhoods are also coping with problems ranging from prescription drug abuse, to methamphetamine production.

It’s manifesting in Missouri. It’s pumping in Pennsylvania. And it’s even violating Vermont.

Rutland, Vermont is has a population of about 16,000 people. But according to Vermont Public Radio, it also has a very serious problem with drugs.

Believe it or not, there are many parents who think that their city or community is safe from drugs.

Moms and dads, your home may not even be safe from drugs.

Your teen could have pot stashed in his/her room. They could be swiping your medications.

The parents who know for sure, are the proactive parents.

They talk with their teens, and they make sure, drugs are not in the house.

Parents cannot afford to be relaxed about teen drinking and drug use.

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Many children aspire to live like a Hollywood star.

Sadly, teens every year are dying like one.

They share the same fate of succumbing to a prescription drug overdose

Forbes is the latest major media outlet to focus on the rising opiate problem, the 36,000 overdose related deaths in 2008.


This isn’t anything new to our readers. We highlight the information from SAMHSA studies and the Univeristy of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future surveys as the information is released.

But Forbes digs inside the number, and takes a look at famous faces who have shared the same fate as many teens and young adults.

Click here for the Forbes article and the story written by Melanie Haiken.

Sending drug dealers to prison doesn’t necessarily stop the flow of drugs into the hands of our children.

A federal indictment charges that 40 people were part of a Indiana prison smuggling ring ran by two inmates, housed at two different prisons.

The indictment alleges that the inmates ran a drug ring that distributed methamphetamine and heroin thanks to cellphones smuggled in by guards.

These inmates were apparently conference calling each other to figure out who they could pool their financial resources to score discounts on heroin.

17 of the accused appeared in court yesterday.

The indictment details a series of alleged phone calls the two men placed to people outside the prisons, including to oversee the purchase of ‘‘large amounts’’ of heroin from a source in Chicago. They also instructed people how and where the drugs should be sold, prosecutors allege.

‘‘Once acquired, the heroin was brought from Illinois to Indiana by the use of couriers where it was, in turn, distributed on the streets to various places’’ in central and southern Indiana, the indictment states.

Meth was acquired from sources in California, while other drugs, including PCP, were also involved, according to the indictment.

In at least one call in May 2012, one of he men stayed on the phone with a woman ‘‘throughout the duration’’ of a drug deal as she sold about 20 grams of heroin at an Indiana truck stop  for $2,500.

The Indiana Department of Corrections issued a statement saying it has been cooperating with the FBI since the investigation began.

With the midwest having such a problem with heroin along the so-called “heroin highway”, it’s good to see that the FBI is cracking down on drug distribution there.

It is disturbing though to see that guards may be helping these drug dealers continue to work their action from behind bars.

Why should parents care?

This isn’t a case of junkies working from behind bar to sell to other junkies.

This is a criminal masterminded operation that keeps a free flowing drug supply on the streets, which ultimately fall into the hands of minors and young adults.





Parents are starting to see the effects of drug abuse on the community. More teens are experimenting with heroin, and many others are becoming hooked on pills.

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