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Officers and deputies know the force of it.

But sometimes, they can not tell how to recognize it.

Ask any officer that has struggled with a suspect under the influence of synthetic drugs, and they will tell you, they had to fight off super-human strength from an often much smaller combatant.

But recognizing these substances in a plastic bag is a lot more difficult.

Police in San Bernardino got a thorough lesson in the differences of synthetic drugs from spice and k2 marijuana-type products, and bath salts, a more PCP like compound.

The Inland Daily Bulletin was there, as experts showed the officers the compounds, packaging, and explained the effects of the drugs.

It’s a good article for parents to read to understand how potentially lethal products, packaged in very child-attracting ways, are being consumed by kids across America.

While synthetics are very popular in some parts of the country, other areas have been slow to see their arrival.

Numerous states have issued bans on the substances, and the federal government also issued emergency blocks on the major chemical compounds, but the truth is that amateur scientists are creating these substances daily.

Myteensavers reminds parents to talk to your kids about drugs. While there are lunch fruit snacks called Scooby Snacks that are a legitimate product, there is a synthetic compound marketed as Scooby Snax.

The packaging is typically labeled “not for human consumption” but that’s not only a disclaimer for the manufacturers, but it’s a red flag for people wanting to get high from these compounds.

After getting a horrifying lesson in what synthetic drugs can do, Miami, the scene of the so-called Causeway Cannibal attack, is moving to eliminate synthetic drug sales.

Last week, the city voted to ban the sale of bath salts.   Now local leaders there are moving to ban the sale of anything structurally similar to the compounds.

The products, which are easily available at many convenience stores, go by colorful names like Blizzard, Blue Silk, Hurricane Charley, Ivory Snow and Snow Leopard.

The county’s ordinance calls for a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail for selling the product.

The laws have shown to be ineffective at stopping the sales.   Many cities and states have tried to enact their own bans, despite the fact that the federal government has also issued a ban on these products.
The key component in most of these products is MPDV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, which can cause hallucinations.   Drug makers have been skirting the bans by altering the chemical compounds of the products which are typically marked “not for human consumption.”

Teensavers came across a story out of Maryland and a young man’s sickness after using a substance called K4.

The woman received a call from her 20-year-old son saying he needed to go to the doctor. He was also saying that he wanted to kill himself and he had taken a razor to his wrists and arms several times.

Instead of driving her son to the hospital, she called for an ambulance and police. Officers found empty packets of something called k4.

You can read the rest of the story on this synthetic marijuana sickness HERE.

Parents need to learn that these synthetic substances can kill. They alter your mind with chemical compounds.