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Last fall, ESPN the magazine reported that numerous college athletes across the country engage in regular drug use.

Highlighted was the University of Oregon and the marijuana culture on campus.

At the time, numerous former players were asked what percentage of players used marijuana.

The answer was somewhere between 40 and 60 percentage. Current players agreed that the assessment would apply to current members of the Ducks football rosters.

Now, as the PAC-12 season in underway, those players will be under a little more scrutiny at the University.

That’s because Oregon’s athletic department spent the summer fine-tuning a new drug policy that would subject athletes to random tests year-round, even during the summer.

So far the tests have no begun, but it will be interesting to see if any players are caught by the new system.

The university is not doing anything that already isn’t being done in the pros. All professional sports leagues screen for performance enhancing drugs and illicit drugs.

High Schools across the country are trying to establish random testing, but it often is met by parents who are against the plans.

Ultimately, these athletes will need to test if they are good enough to play professional sports.

It’s good to see the University of Oregon work to identify, contain, and dissipate the marijuana culture on campus.

Teensavers wanted to alert you to a heartbreaking story this morning in the Daily Herald that hopefully will open your eyes to the growing teen and young adult drug problem here in America.

Chelsea Laliberte’s reveals her struggle with her brother’s addiction, and it how it spiraled out of control until it took his life.


She made desperate pleas to her family that her brother Alex was using more than alcohol and marijuana. They didn’t listen.

Now she’s on a mission to alert parents about the growing heroin problem in the suburbs and how listening to siblings can make a big difference.

Siblings can be key in catching experimentation before it becomes addiction. There are many who won’t speak up, but the ones who do, should be listened to.

A recent study shows that alcohol is more of a gateway drug than marijuana, which is very troubling. Numerous teens drink and many parents dismiss it as a rite of passage.

But when drinking at 13 or 14, evolves into marijuana use at 14 and 15, teens often begin to get curious about other substances before they even graduate high school.

Parents need to have frequent conversations with their teens about all kinds of drugs, from alcohol and mairjuana, to cocaine and heroin. Kids are abusing pills, and once addicted to opiates, the often turn to heroin.

Some use amphetamines or methamphetamine to get that high, and others use club drugs like ecstasy, thinking it’s a safer alternative to alcohol.

Teensavers Home drug Tests can detect all of these substances up to 72 hours. Parents would be wise to keep one on hand.

It empowers teens to say no, when asked by their friends to do drugs.   40% say they try for the first time, because they didn’t know how to reject the peer pressure.


The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit is the newest addition to the shelves at your local Rite Aid.

Teensavers is the trusted family brand, made specifically for families. Teensavers has a complete line of tests aimed at detecting teen drug use.

The tests are a valuable asset to detect experimentation before it becomes addiction.

Featured at Rite Aid is the 3-panel test which screens for Marijuana (THC), as well as Cocaine, and Methamphetamine.

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It has happened again.   A deadly combination of prescription drugs and teenagers.    It wasn’t in a back alley, or at a warehouse.   The overdose occurred at what should be the safest place; home.    The parents weren’t out-of-town.  In fact, they were in the next room.    The didn’t think anything was amiss because the teens were up late.   But what happened in Medford, Oregon, could happen in your neighborhood.  No parent wants to find another parent’s son in their home, nor do they want to find out that their teen has died because of an overdose.

These days kids are not just hooked on marijuana and alcohol.   And while you hear about oxycontin and methadone, there are many other pills that can be seen as the quick high.    “You can’t smell pills, like alcohol or marijuana,” says certified addiction treatment specialist Steve Stahovich.   “Kids could be using right under your nose, and maybe they seems a little giddy, but they’ve been in the room for hours with you, so you don’t sense the danger.”   Stahovich has been treating teen addicts for nearly two decades, since overcoming his drug addiction.

Stahovich believes in a family working together to combat drug abuse.   “Solutions are only as effective as the family members involved.   If mom and dad are not on the same page, the message is missed.”   Stahovich has been helping companies keep their workforce clean, by producing business model drug testing kits.     He realized over time, there was a need for an accurate, reliable, and private test for the home.     He created the Myteensavers home drug test kit for parents to keep a closer eye on their teen.   He insists, nobody at schools or in community needs to know that your family is dealing with a problem.     “This isn’t just science.   It’s a solution,”  Stahovich says.     The Myteensavers home drug test kit comes with 24/7 assistance for families who discover they have a real problem on their hands.